Saturday, April 4, 2009

Plan your meal

In a polluted environment anything that we eat is not absolutely guaranteed to be healthy. In a world like this we must not only eat for pleasure but we must also plan our diet in such a way that it contains natural medicinal values as well. Some plants in nature not only have nutritional value but also medicinal benefits. Oats, garlic and walnuts have the ability to control cholesterol in blood. Cinnamon, almonds and barley act on regulating the blood glucose level in diabetic patients. Fruits and ragi should be included in the diet of persons with high blood pressure. Consuming yoghurt can ease your bowel movements. Ginger sap with honey is good for the stomach and gastric glands. A glass of pineapple juice can keep you away from acidity related disorders. Olive oil and coriander seeds tend to increase the levels of good cholesterol in our body. Ashwagandha extract has a magical stress relieving ability. Mindful eating is the need of the hour and we must ensure that our everyday meal is packed with therapeutic elements.


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