Monday, April 20, 2009

Know your headache

Almost everyone of us would have experienced an occasional headache in our life. But some people suffer from headache often and it is possible to manage your headaches by paying attention to some simple facts. Some of the most common causes of headache include common cold, migraine, tension and spondylosis. Apart from these there are some events that can trigger a headache. Some people have a habit of grinding their teeth while sleeping but they never would have noticed it. Normally when we chew gum or tobacco for a long period of time we will experience a headache. Similarly grinding your teeth will also prompt headaches. Calcium and magnesium deficiency is related to this habit of teeth grinding. Therefore perform a check on their levels in your body. Sometimes the temporal mandicular joint can get injured by improper chewing or biting and due to infections which will cause headaches. People who consume excess amount of beverages like tea or coffee will have increased levels of caffeine that will cause headache. Caffeine is also an ingredient in medicines such as APC. A better practice is to refrain from these drugs and reduce your daily tea or coffee intake. Alcohol and tobacco intake worsens the situation. People sitting in front of computer screens or televisions can develop headaches due to the emission of Triphenyl Phospate from these electronic gadgets. We must always maintain a considerable distance between our body and these electronic equipments. Some food preservatives contain nitrate that will stimulate headaches. Certain type allergies can also kindle headaches. If your headache persists for a long duration then it is better to consult a doctor because it might be a secondary headache due to an underlying medical condition.


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