Friday, April 3, 2009

Marrakesh in Morocco

There is no better way to kick start your African safari than starting it from Morocco. Marrakesh is a magical city in Morocco perched between the gigantic Atlas mountains and the arid Sahara desert. The ancient city adorned with blind alleys, secret courtyards and perky market places doesn't fall under any particular pattern or architecture. Marrakesh city has a touch of mystery in its looks. Life in Marrakesh is never short of action and the famous Djemaa el Fna Square is always busy embedded with active performers like snake charmers, storytellers, henna painters, musicians, acrobats and a plethora of hawkers inviting us into their world. The gardens here are beautiful and the way they are irrigated is stunning. Marrakesh also offers original Moroccan cuisine that is easily available anywhere. People also speak French and English apart from Arabic. In the evening the place is filled with the sound of prayers. The people are really amiable and hospitable.


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