Friday, April 10, 2009

Working women health issues

In major metropolitan cities where both the male and the female in the family have to go for work everyday in order to earn a living it is the health of the women which is affected most. They are prone to lifestyle diseases such as obesity, mental depression, back pain, diabetes, blood pressure etc. The health of women is important for both the company as well as the family. Demanding job profile, extended working hours and working to meet deadlines cause havoc in the well being of working women. Modern way of life results in depression or general anxiety disorder among employed women. Women tend to skip meals and prefer eating junk food. The highly polluted atmosphere and other environmental factors aid in further degradation of human health. Absence of exercise in everyday routine and lack of sporting activity steal the vigor out of life. Several women resort to intake of nutrient supplements rather than eating natural products. Ignorance of health care can have major implications on the society.


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