Sunday, April 12, 2009

Glaucoma blues

Glaucoma is a cruel disease that can steal vision from your eyes. Glaucoma can impair the optic nerves leading to blindness. Unfortunately the medical world hasn't conquered Glaucoma yet and no cure is visible on the horizon so far. If diagnosed early we can considerably slow down the vision loss process and help patients lead a satisfied life. The most common form of Glaucoma is the Primary Open Angle Glaucoma that is caused by the clogging of eye's drainage canals resulting in increased intraocular pressure. Interestingly this disease is hard to detect at the early stage and the symptoms are few. Angle Closure Glaucoma is rare in occurrence but the impact is rapid with a wide range of symptoms. Affected persons must learn to manage their disease. Glaucoma is not the end of happiness in life. Try to educate yourself about the disease and strive to take control. Regular medication and appropriate eyewear can ease your lifestyle. Surgeries have been effective and successful in several people. After all there is nothing impossible in life.


NetBizSavvy said...

The condition is very rare and causes a rapid loss of vision if not treated immediately. Glaucoma is common in the general population. There is literature available and community resources such as support groups and the Lighthouse for the Blind.

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