Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mobile phone microbes

Cell phones are a part of our life and they are our virtual companions all around the clock. But many of us are oblivious to the fact that our mobile phones are potential sources of several infections. Research has revealed that cell phones are store houses of harmful microbes which are capable of causing serious illness. A fatal strain of staphylococcus bacteria MRSA nick named as "superbug" is touted to be causing grave infections in human beings. MRSA is also resistant to most modern-day antibiotics and it can cause pneumonia in the worst case. Mobile phones follow us everywhere and they stay close to our body most of the time. They host a plethora of microbes like micrococcus, fungi, aspergillus etc. We often keep our mobile phones in our pockets and wallets after handling them with sweaty palms and this serves as a conducive environment for pathogens to flourish. Study has shown that nearly 82.5% of the phones house microbes that can cause skin and throat infections. The incidence of microbes in mobile phones is higher among healthcare personnel including doctors, nurses and lab technicians. Scientists have called for more research on mobile phone microbes among normal people like taxi drivers, restaurant workers, vendors etc. We need to realize the importance of personal hygiene and the need to wash our hands whenever we are in edible mode. Mobile phones emit harmful radiation and now that they are also hosting bacteria it is always safe to keep some distance from cell phones.


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