Saturday, April 11, 2009

Infosys fires 2100

India's leading software giant Infosys has fired nearly 2100 employees across the nation. The reason offered was zero tolerance to non-performance in a critical market situation. Infy conducted an appraisal program for sixty thousand permanent employees and at the bottom nearly 3.5% of the people were either outplaced or left the company. The outplacing concept was used to ward off unwanted employees to other companies. But now it is getting difficult even to outplace employees in the current circumstances. But a glimmer of hope for the novice is that trainees were not included in the appraisal program. But Infosys continues to recruit freshers in search of new talent and is determined to honor all job offers it had promised for freshers. Another software major Wipro has introduced a sabbatical scheme for its bench sitters. Many of my friends who were recruited by Wipro on campus in July 2007 have been asked to undergo training from June 2009 for a limited salary.


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