Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Diet sans calories

Calorie is a word that everyone is wary of especially with the increase of lifestyle diseases in recent years. Ironically everyone wants to eat delicious food and never wish to exercise everyday. How about the idea of a zero-calorie diet. It might sound odd but there is a logic behind it. Whenever a person consumes X calories of diet it takes Y calories for the body to digest it. The quantum (X-Y) calories is added as body fat. So when X is less than or equal to Y then there is a possibility of you may lose weight. But it doesn't work on all occasions. Water is the best example for a zero-calorie food but it cannot fill in for actual solid food that we eat daily. By choosing foods that involve a lot of tearing and chewing you can burn extra calories. For example you can consume fruits rather than drinking fruit juices. Food with rich fibre content makes you feel hungerless for a long time apart from having other benefits. Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins stimulate the secretion of enzymes that break down the caloric nutrients of foods. Some of the zero-calorie foods are celery, spinach, lemon, cucumber, cabbage, asparagus, turnip, papaya and pineapple. Follow these notions and put a high importance tag on your diet.


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