Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oral health

A beautiful smile can be the best interface you present to the world in order to initiate communication with anyone. Our mouth needs attention and care like all other parts in our body. Despite proper brushing, flossing and rinsing routines you might be oblivious to certain problems that can arise in your mouth. Cavities can occur in the back teeth due to faulty flossing techniques. You need to wrap the floss around each tooth, slide it under the gum and floss as if you were shining a shoe. Oral cancer can be due to accumulation of toxins on your tongue in the long run. Also take good care of the interior of your bottom lip to prevent the occurrence of canker sores. While brushing make sure that you don't hurt the gum by unidirectional brushing i.e. from the gum downwards. Plaque can form on your teeth owing to the salivary action and a good tip to hinder them is to munch raisins. By attending to these issues you can deliver that picture perfect smile everyday.


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