Saturday, April 11, 2009

En route Cape Reinga

New Zealand is a beautiful piece of land that offers plenty of surprises and adventures. The travel from Kawa Kawa to Cape Reinga is an enthralling experience. Kawa Kawa is a handsome little town touted as having the most beautiful and creative toilets in the world. After a peep at these artistic toilets the next stop will be the gorgeous Kauri Cliffs Resort. The golf resort ranks No.58 in the world but it is not just about golf. The captivating forests allure visitors riding on horse back in the serene atmosphere. The beaches are deserted looking calm and peaceful. The other major attraction of Kauri Cliffs is the spa. You can get a unique facial done where they apply New Zealand volcanic mud on your face which has moisturizing properties and also drags out impurities from your skin. It is a good idea to embark on a Kauri Cliffs chopper flight and fly all the way to Cape Reinga along the east coast. After you disembark the chopper pick up the van to reach the northernmost tip of New Zealand - Cape Reinga.


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