Friday, April 10, 2009

Know your walking rate

Walking is an innate exercise installed by nature in human life. But many of us don't prefer to walk even if required for our daily chores. We would rather choose to ride our vehicles even for short distance travels. This not only adds more carbon to the already polluted environment but also does no good to our health. Those who regularly as a part of their fitness schedule should know about their walking rate. Researchers recommend an average walking rate of 100 steps per minute that will render your workout fruitful. If you don't touch this rate it means you are not working hard enough. Many of us use a pedometer that accumulates the number of steps we take but it doesn't give information about the rate of walking which directly transforms into the intensity of our exercising. Fitness experts believe that adults must get at least half an hour of moderate activity 5 times a week. You are permitted to slice the 30 minutes per day into smaller time slots appropriately throughout the day. Shorter sessions are the right way to go beginners. They must strive to clock 100 steps in 10 minutes and then build over it.

Standard Walking Speed Range for Men: 92-102 steps/min
Standard Walking Speed Range for Women: 91-115 steps/min


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