Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Italy's Bellagio

A tour to Italy can give a refreshing experience to anyone of us. We all know Milan - Italy's Fashion Capital and an hour drive from there will take you to a truly dazzling place on earth called Lake Como. The lake was created by a glacier that made its way down from the Alps a long time ago. At the heart of the lake is the beautiful town called Bellagio with its pristine architecture and serenity personified landscape. A honeymoon in Bellagio is the best thing you could offer on earth to your loved one. The place is brimming with romance and love is in the air. Don't forget to pick up a Bellagio water taxi and spend some time in the waters. A sizzling waterfall on the way will capture your heart for a long time. A multitude of fabulous villas decorate the lining of the lake and many celebrities have bought them for their sheer beauty. Look out for the Balbianello villa and the stunning roof top gardens. A famous hotel called Villa d'Este is a favorite among several celebrity guests. Happy Italian Adventure..!!!


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