Friday, July 24, 2009

Living on live food

Eating raw food is getting popular across the world owing to the unique health benefits in them. Cooked food is acidic and the cooking process destroys most of the enzymes present in raw food. Whenever you heat food above 116 degrees Fahrenheit enzymes which are critical for digestion are lost. Unprocessed meal prepared from organically cultivated vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts and sprouts is high on nutritional value and is replete with energy. People who eat uncooked food over a period of time feel more vibrant, energetic and youthful than before. Beauty is closely associated with consuming raw foods because live foods have anti aging properties and promote a beautiful skin sans wrinkles. People who wish to loose weight prefer raw food diet because it aids in natural detoxification of our body. They are easy to digest with more fibre content and less saturated fat content. This reduces the risk of heart diseases and other lifestyle diseases. Natural foods are also important for emotional well-being and spiritual health. Several live food restaurants are coming up in America and the notion is catching up fast in the west. The transition from cooked food to raw food is a slow process and you must give your mind and body some time to adapt to the new practice. Raw food recipes are distinct and it involves innovative cooking techniques and equipment. Make sure that you eat only organic raw food because the others are packed with spoilers such as pesticides and other chemicals.


FaYe said...

when i was studying the dutch language i had a male teacher who was vegetarian. he was 40 yrs old at that time, way back 10 ten yrs ago, but he looked like that he was 30 yrs. old. it is true about eating raw food or veggies hold back wrinkles.

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