Friday, July 17, 2009

Finest Fashionable Travel Luggage Collection

Have you been on a trip abroad recently? Did you notice your co-passengers holding fashionable luggage and suitcases while yours was outdated? Wondering where to buy those gorgeous looking fashionable luggage models? Just dive into the stylehive to have a look at the latest in luggage designs and travel gear. From stylish suitcases to trendy carry-on bags stylehive has an exclusive anthology of modern luggage designs. There are some really cool travel cases on sale at stylehive for your vacation this summer. Innovative design, colorful patterns, durable components and perfect fit luggage make stylehive the #1 place to look out for getaway luggage. My favorite models were the Stella McCartney for LeSportsac Carry On Case and the Heys USA Xcase Exotic Carry-On Upright Hardside Luggage. Whenever you travel your luggage must look unique so that it is easy to spot your luggage. So don't go for those olden days monochrome models that have no fashion sense. It's time to switch over to some new designs and make a fashion statement with your luggage. Planning your vacation starts from buying luggage and make sure you don't fall prey to cheap models that don't survive the test of time. Always buy luggage from experienced designers that not only withstand stress but also look great.


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