Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Solar Eclipse - Dos and Don'ts


  • If you are really interested in viewing the eclipse first make sure that you have solar filters or welders' goggles to view the eclipse.

  • Use the pin hole projection method to view the eclipse safely

  • Use binoculars or a telescope fitted with solar filters to view the total eclipse

  • Use cameras with metal coated filters or solar filters if you wish to capture the images without hurting your eyes

  • Consulting an experienced person or a scientist before viewing the eclipse

  • For a better spectacle view the eclipse from an elevated place


  • Never dare to look directly at the sun during an eclipse as it may cause permanent damage to your retina.

  • Don't use sun glasses, x-ray films, film negatives, colored films, smoked glass, compact discs, etc to view the eclipse.

  • Don't try to look at the reflection of the eclipse on water.

  • Avoid buying cheap eclipse filters on the roadside

  • Do not attempt to look through binoculars or a telescope with your eclipse glasses on

  • Handle your solar eclipse filters with care. Scratches or cracks on them will let the light through and harm your eyes


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