Tuesday, July 28, 2009

THG Sports Internship Program Update - Jon Stromberg

The CEO of THG announced a good news for all the internship applicants this week. Jon Stromberg wrote in his site that it was a great program and that the selected applicants work directly with in-house National Sales Managers. He was quoted as saying in his blog, “We are excited to include these young applicants within our division teams, helping them gain valuable experience.” THG is committed towards providing paid sports internship programs for undergraduates and recent graduates which will ultimately benefit the trainees to gain some valuable experience. The participants will gain hands-on experience by working closely with the best minds in the business. The internship programs are conducted on a seasonal basis and you can apply for them seeing their press release. The internship program will go a long way in fine tuning your management skills and enriching your personality traits by directly learning from the leaders. Now that Stromberg has given the green signal for the applicants, it is celebration time for the participants. Congrats!


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