Friday, July 17, 2009

Buy Kids Skates at SkateMall

Do you have a kid who doesn't know skating? If your answer is yes then you are stealing the best part of your kid's life. It looks fantastic to see a kid with his Roller Skates on. I thought of buying a pair of roller skates for my cute little cousin. When I browsed the web I came across the SkateMall - an online store to buy top quality skates. I was really pleased with the assorted collection of skating gear on offer. What I liked about the website was the unique zoom tool that lets you enlarge each and every section of the skate just by hovering over the image with the mouse. After carefully going through the customer reviews and product features I decided to buy the best selling Riedell R3 skate for my cousin. It costs $99 but its worth every cent because the design looks cool and the skate has a great grip suitable even for high speed skating. Skatemall has been around in the online shopping industry for more than 10 years and so only they can provide the best solutions for our skating needs. They also sell ice skates, inline skates, hockey equipments and accessories apart from roller skates. Just take a peek into their website Skatemall.com for a truly awesome skating experience.


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