Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Plan your pre-employment period smartly

Call it the global economic downturn or recession the fact remains that jobs are hard to come by and the organizational growth rate is slow. Many students have been picked up by major software companies on campus last year and they were provided job offer letters too. But because of the economic slowdown companies are now reluctant to call them immediately. A few companies have extended the duration of the training period to more than 6 months which previously used to be a couple of months when IT was at boom. Other companies are trying to delay the appointment letters as long as possible. Most of these companies already have enough people on bench waiting for projects and things are expected to improve only slowly.

From a student's point of view this is a good period to hone their skills. Increasing their technical knowledge and programming skills will go a long way in performing better once they enter the industry. Apart from technical knowledge which has no limit developing your soft skills is extremely important to shine brighter in the corporate world. The industry demands multi-talented people and so don't restrict your profile to just academic knowledge alone. Explore new things and learn new technologies that will surely help you in the future. Getting an offer letter is just the first step in your career. To survive the initial demons and defy the challenges in the corporate world you need to be better equipped and this is the right time for you to act.


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