Saturday, July 25, 2009

Real-time Stock Market Simulation to Learn Trading

The stock market is a magical world to those oblivious of stock trading. People make a lot of money by investing in the stock market but most of us don't even know the basic working model of the stock market or the configuration of our economy. We have the desire to learn trading but don't know how to go about it. Wall Street Survivor is the ultimate learning portal to understand the trading pattern in a simulated environment by playing with fake money. The free online tool is basically a fantasy game that lets you explore the world of stock trading and test your trading strategies in a fictional setting. Learning from others is always easy and effective which is why there is an online community at wallstreetsurvivor.com where survivors exchange trading secrets and strategies for mutual benefits. The video tutorials are custom prepared for beginners and one can really learn quickly by watching them and trade like an expert within hours. Apart from honing your trading skills that will benefit you for a lifetime, there are numerous cash prizes to be won by the top survivors every week. The website is a great opportunity for students and working professionals to unleash their money making ability online. No hearts are broken in this virtual experience and so just give it a try!


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