Saturday, July 4, 2009

Green Power - Need of the hour

Enough is enough and we have exploited more than our limits and we should leave at least something for the future generation. Renewable energy resources are the only option available and the major powers in the world are already investing on alternative energy resources like solar, wind, hydro, biomass, etc. Developing nations like India should also wake up to the reality and push for renewable energy swiftly. India's rich geographical diversity has the potential to generate renewable energy in abundance and the central government should concentrate on breaking inter-state power trading barriers and removing regional constraints to promote renewable energy generation. Renewables can help the nation to meet persistent power shortage issues and bring down our oil and coal imports significantly. Tapping renewable energy resources will also reduce the per capita emission of green house gases thereby shrinking the carbon footprint with an eye on the future considering the plight of developing nations. The corporate world should also consider investing on renewables to meet their ever increasing energy needs. Most of these technologies require a high capital cost initially which is the biggest bottleneck impeding the widespread deployment of renewable technologies. But adopting the wait and watch stratgey will push us to a point of no return.


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