Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mundane addictions lurking in your life

For all those who thought addiction to drinking, drugs and smoking are the only addictions in life, think again. Obliviously you are prone to get addicted to some common habits that are capable of producing many ill effects. Several people are rabid consumers of painkillers like disprin and ibuprofen. It is a quick fix providing instant relief but it may lead to stomach disorders, bowel malfunction and liver abnormalities in the long run. Most of us love to munch a chewing gum after an assorted meal or during workouts and travel. But the act of chewing activates the salivary and gastric glands without actually anything available to digest. The chewing habit can impact your facial muscles too especially in children and also leads to dry mouth symptoms. Another common and popular addiction is consuming colas and aerated drinks. One of my friends always orders for a drink during lunch and doesn't like drinking water with meal. He had developed this habit at a pizza shop and struggles to get rid of the habit. Aerated drinks have nothing to do with digestion and regular intake of colored colas can cause dental decay. I had the notorious habit of drinking excess of coffee and tea everyday until I realized their evils. Beverages like coffee and tea kindle the nervous system and alleviate fatigue. But abstaining from them can lead to withdrawal symptoms like headache and nausea. Children also get addicted to flavored milk and other breakfast dishes and snacks with harmful additives in them. Men tend to get addicted to dietary supplements in a bid to build muscles. Beware of these addictions and try to overcome them to stay fitter and stronger.


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