Sunday, July 26, 2009

Premature grey hair woes

Greying of hair is part of the natural aging process but an ill-fated few suffer from premature graying of hair. This may be due to a myriad of reasons like stress, anxiety and tension at work, vitamin deficiency, hereditary basis, hormonal imbalance, ailments and poor lifestyle. The hair follicles secrete the pigment called melanin which gives the black color to our hair. The amount of melanin secretion goes down with aging resulting in grey hair. Gray hair is a menace to our beauty as well as our personality. Here are some simple home remedies and tips to delay the aging process.

  • Healthy hair starts with a healthy diet. Consume foods rich in proteins and vitamins (A & B)

  • Curry leaves, buttermilk, spinach juice, bananas, fish, ginger and honey are excellent for preventing grey hair

  • Amla or the Indian gooseberry has a unique ability to turn the gray hair black. Amla mixed with coconut oil or almond oil can be massaged on the scalp for best results

  • A paste made from henna, basil juice, fenugreek seeds and mint juice can be applied on the hair. Henna mixed with lemon juice in castor oil is also effective against grey hair

  • Marinate your hair with cold black tea without milk for an hour before taking bath. This will help in the long run

  • Fresh juice extracted from the leaves of Amaranath can help to bring back the black color on your hair. It also improves the growth and texture of your hair

  • Keep your scalp and hair always clean and prevent dust accumulation on your head

  • Stay happy and don't let stress and worries overwhelm you


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