Sunday, May 31, 2009

Menace of artificially ripened mangoes

Mangoes are the first thing that comes to my mind during summer. But this summer the fruits don't taste the same anymore as it used to be in the past. My taste buds are feeling a tinge of bitterness whenever I munch on yellow mangoes. The usual delicious flavor is also lacking these days. One of my friends told me that it could be a case of calcium carbide that is used to ripen mangoes artificially seeping through the skin of the drupe in to the succulent edible fleshy area. For the sake of profit certain traders buy raw mangoes in bulk cheaply and make them ripen swiftly using calcium carbide. This exercise is rampant among bulk traders and even the retailers are aware of this unhealthy practice. Another friend who is a shopkeeper told me that he used sell these artificially ripened mangoes at cheaper prices than the naturally ripened ones. So never feel lavish if you have won a good bargain with a mango seller. Consuming these hastily ripened mangoes will lead to gastric disorders, itching sensation in throat, stomach ache, diarrhea, giddiness and vomiting. Long term consumption will result in peptic ulcer and gastroenteritis. Fruits with dark patches are an indication for artificial ripening but it can be confirmed only after laboratory tests.


Connie said...

I guess you need to go for organically grown mangoes. We are thankful for the modern technology but the more we become the developed the more we eat artificially. :-)

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