Friday, May 29, 2009

Hypertension - Avoid salt and fat

High blood pressure is a silent killer but the disease can be controlled by healthy lifestyle habits. If left unchecked high BP can damage your heart, kidneys, liver and brain. The number of persons suffering from this notorious disease is on the rise due to stress, reckless eating habits and lack of exercise in everyday life. But it is a pity that most of them are oblivious to the fact that they have hypertension and find out only after the disease has matured. Early diagnosis is paramount for diseases like this. The first thing one must do with hypertension is to start hating salt. By abstaining from salt and fat half the problem is solved. Cardiovascular exercises, Yoga and meditation will keep your BP at bay. A diet that has minimum oil and fats is advocated for anyone above the age of 50. A sound sleep forgetting all your worries is essential everyday. Sodium is your worst enemy and low sodium diet will improve the efficiency of medicines. Above all pack all your worries and throw them in the air. There is no point in worrying because life is too short.


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