Saturday, May 16, 2009

Food facts

The food industry has in store for us plenty of deceptive marketing strategies which everyone must know. Any edible item in a supermarket that is labeled "fat free" will be made up of sugar and processed carbs. Many products have contradictory proportion of ingredients. A food may be less on fat which is enticing but it may contain excess of sugar and flour. Not all bottled beverage brands score high on the nutritional scale. There is no law that limits the number of mold, insects, mites etc in canned fruits and vegetables to absolute zero. Corn flakes are capable of raising blood glucose level faster than normal. Artificial food colors and preservatives may be linked to hyperactivity in kids. Meat that is sliced thinner will contain more sodium. Food companies often tag small packets with higher prices and larger packets with moderate prices to trick the consumer. Several glamorous slogans and tag lines for food products are never 100% true.


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