Saturday, May 2, 2009

Learn foreign languages and be the frontrunner

Life in recession is not a pleasant experience especially for people who are just starting their careers. With very little job opportunities people tend to get overwhelmed by the situation and give up all hope. But this is not the right way to approach life. The economy might be weak but that doesn't mean the end of life. If you haven't got a job and waiting endlessly for a job then it is a good idea to improve on your skill set. Industries always go for multiskilled people during recession. Learning a foreign language will always help you in life one day. People who know languages like French, German, Japanese and Spanish are instantly getting picked up by schools and leading IT companies. Translator jobs are awaiting people who can understand product details in both the languages. Even if you are already working in a company it is good learn a foreign language because you never know when opportunity will knock on your door.


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