Thursday, May 28, 2009

Urinary tract infections

Yesterday one of my friends complained of burning feeling in his urinary area. Later he was diagnosed with urinary tract infection and the doctor assured him that there is no need to worry. Now he is feeling good and back to normal. Urinary tract infections are bacterial infections caused by bacteria that somehow manage to reach the urinary system from the digestive tract. The bacteria E.Coli is the common culprit which usually resides in the colon. If untreated the bacteria tend to multiply and develop health complications. People with kidney stone or an enlarged prostrate gland are more at risk of this infection. Testing the urine of patients will reveal the type of infection and the drug to be used to kill the bacteria. UTIs can be cured within a couple of days if the infection is properly diagnosed. Recurrent infections are also reported in some patients owing to the different strains of bacteria.


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