Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cumin Water Cure

Cumin seeds find a place in almost every kitchen in India. The herb is utilized in several medicinal preparations across the world. Cumin seeds are excellent for digestion and stomach ailments. Cumin seeds contain iron and researchers are working on the cancer preventive properties of cumin but the study is still in nascent stage. Boil water along with cumin seeds and drink this water daily by replacing your regular ordinary water. The cumin water has the ability to stimulate hunger and act as a natural antiseptic and also clears out any worms in stomach. By chewing on raw cumin seeds and drinking water there after will ease any dizziness. Mixing cumin and ginger with buttermilk will treat for intestinal gas and acidity. Cumin water is good for common cold and cumin water accompanied by ginger cures sore throat. Cumin and pepper mixture will cure stomach illness. Mixing ginger and cumin in lemon juice will act on bile regulation. Roasted cumin seeds with jaggery will fortify the nervous system. Cumin paste can also be applied on boils.


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