Sunday, May 24, 2009

Parents ponder over e-children

During my school days I never had the luxury of picking up my mobile phone and calling my teacher or a friend to clear any doubt in my subjects. But today the tech-savvy children have the comfort of getting instant answers for their doubts from Google or by connecting with their friends online. If that doesn't help a call to their teacher will fix the issue. But in reality how many kids are using the technological innovations fruitfully? Parents are concerned about the addiction to cell phones and the online behavior of their children. They fear that the increasing popularity of social networking sites and online forums will make their kids develop relationships with strangers that could possibly ruin their life. Most of the parents have imaginary fears over their children when they find them talking over longer duration on the mobile phone or continuously texting their friends. Some of them even resort to spying on their kids like reading the inbox of the mobile phones of their children and checking the browsing history on their child's computer. It is a hard fact that there is a big gap between the tech-savvy GenNext kids and the detached parents. But spying and forbidding the children from technology will never solve the issue. The crafty kids can easily mutate and trick you by utilizing your oblivion. Love and mutual trust alone will shape the children of the future.


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