Thursday, March 26, 2009

Herbal answer for GI disorders

Japanese herbal medicines have been declared as effective against gastrointestinal symptoms based on a new study about the herbal effect on diseases like dyspepsia, constipation and post-operative ileus. There has been a gradual positive shift in people's outlook towards herbal and natural medicines and therapies in recent times. It has become a cliche that a disease which was previously declared incurable by a particular medical system shall be easily treated by another system. Now the Japanese researchers have tasted success in treating GI problems. Rikkunshi-to is a combination of 8 crude herbs that is proved effective against functional dyspepsia. A mixture named Dai-Kenchu-to is advocated for constipation and post-operative ileus. Consumption of hangeshasin-to can rescue persons suffering from diarrhea. Plant extracts form the backbone of several traditional and highly successful Indian medicinal systems like Siddha, Ayurveda and Unani. Many of these medical practices are devoid of any side-effect for the patient unlike the conventional drugs used in English medicine. So it is high time the western world takes notice of the Asian herbal values and work together towards the well-being of mankind. Herbal medicine may still not be potent enough to replace the fast action drugs but they can certainly augment English medicines and also cure many chemically incurable diseases.


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