Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wallaman falls in Oz

Australia is a country that nurtures some the rarest flora and fauna in the world. Northern Queensland has the highest sheer drop waterfall down under called Wallamen falls and it is a rare beautiful place on earth. Traveling north from Townsville will take you to the wet tropics that extends for nearly 450Km covering a massive 900,000 hectares of breathtaking wilderness. It is an ideal place to relax and embrace mother nature. Children will love this place and it will be an entirely different experience for them. The wetlands are replete with birds and wildlife. If you are lucky you might get close with the southern Cassowaries which are ancient and the largest flightless birds in Australia. The Cassowaries are an integral part of the rain forest ecosystem and are regarded as keystone species. Several other species of birds can be located here especially in the evening and early morning. Camping here for a day is a great idea to detach from the frenzy work atmosphere and unwind.


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