Friday, March 13, 2009

All about Anger management

Anger is an attribute of every human. Anger is the aggressive outflow of pain and hurt inside. People are basically of two types. Explosive individuals just express their anger almost instinctively. Implosive blokes keep building up their emotions inside and finally blast on an auspicious day. Whatever it is we need to understand that anger is not good. We must learn to manage our anger. Experts believe underneath anger there lays fear and desperation. People use anger as nothing more than a self defence. You just need to get on top of your anger and not let it control you. Scientifically speaking anger is just the release of emergency hormones into the bloodstream which can be harmful to your body if chronic. You must learn to tame yourself for your own good. There are some smart ways to make your anger subside. Whenever you tend to become angry just think about the most beautiful things that have happened in your life. Engaging your brain in some arithmetic activity like counting numbers backwards can reduce the rage impact. Don't get provoked by someone's anger, just walk away from that place. Above all just dump your past miseries and keep smiling because you may never know what life has to offer you the next day....


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