Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bacteria to battle Global Warming

Bacteria is a word that makes us feel sick. But a browse through your school textbooks will tell you that they play a vital role in the environmental cycle. A team of 5 Indian scientists have discovered a bacteria that when used as an enzyme(catalyst) is capable of converting the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into calcium carbonate(remember limestone and chalk?). CO2 emission from industries poses a huge threat to the environment and is a major cause for global warming and climate change. Treating the harmful gas within the premises of an industry by converting it into CaCO3 before emitting into the atmosphere will be a fruitful strategy to reduce CO2 level in the atmosphere. Scientists are working on various issues pertaining to the bacteria like economic viability, cloning and purification methods. Man has finally looked up to nature to provide a cure for the damages he has done to the environment and let's hope that he will succeed.


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