Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cheese for health

Everybody likes cheese and cheese has its own medicinal values. Cheese is a rich source of fat, calcium, protein, phosphorous and vitamins. Eating cheese is good for heart. Women who ate cheese daily showed higher amount good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol than those who ate less. Men were not able to garner the same benefits because they were more inclined towards eating cheese that had higher levels of saturated fat and salt. Taste matters for many but it seems that less saturated fat in a cheese won't please your taste buds. Cheese incorporates the goodness of milk and is available in different types and shapes. A study reveals that the Americans derive nearly 25% of calcium from cheese. Cheese is one of the best promoters of dental health and it can also reduce the vulnerability for osteoporosis. Tests on animals have shown that CLA present in cheese can reduce fat deposits in arteries. Stay healthy by eating cheese in a controlled manner.


Dorothy L said...

That is nice to hear...So many considered 'bad foods' are what we like. I love cheese and when eaten in a balance to other foods...it is a very healthy food and not fattening!

Thanks for the information!

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