Tuesday, August 25, 2009

WHO snubs Homeopathy

The World Health Organization has cautioned people to desist the use of homeopathic medicines to treat life-threatening diseases like Malaria, TB and HIV. Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine which has gained popularity across the globe in recent years. But now researchers feel that there is no concrete proof that homeopathy would benefit patients suffering from chronic diseases like HIV, TB, infant diarrhea, influenza and Malaria. After a letter to the WHO by the Voice of Young Science Network, WHO has advised health care workers to rebuff homeopathy and treat patients with proven treatment mechanisms. People who promote homeopathy for infectious diseases like these are reckoned as being reckless and lacking social responsibility. The Society of Homeopaths has brushed aside the issue as just another attempt to discredit homeopathy. While science questions the effectiveness of homeopathy and demands evidence for cure, judicious health experts warrant further research and investment into homeopathy.


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