Friday, August 7, 2009

Crane Beach - Barbados

Crane Beach Photo
Crane Beach Shore
Crane Beach Barbados
Barbados is a beautiful island nation in the Caribbean Sea personifying the colors of nature. The country has one of the most spectacular beaches in the world - The Crane Beach. The magnificent spectacle of palm trees and coconut trees standing on pure white sand embody the flavor of the Caribbean region. The sand is so soft that it just kisses your feet and walking over it is just a moonwalk experience. The beach wears a serene look and the waters are ideal for swimming and surfing activities. Ascending the cliff is worth gold just to have a look at the breath taking view of the beach below. All type of people visit here and it hosts a perfect blend of glamor and fun. A local beach sandwich called cutter made from salt bread, flying fish, cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes is highly recommended for a brunch in the beach. You can stay at The Crane beach hotel cum resort and enjoy the splendid backdrops. Its hard to explain the wonderful feeling that emanates from your heart the moment you arrive here. With its stunning sights and a marvelous coastline Crane beach truly deserves its perfect getaway tag.


veroniz said...

i just love the beach!!!!

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