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Dandruff - Home Remedy

Dandruff is a condition where peelings of dead skin are shed from the scalp. Dandruff can be caused by several factors like fungus, yeasts, psoriasis, head lice, dry scalp, etc. If left untreated dandruff may result in hair loss. Here are some simple tips to get rid of dandruff


  • Hair is an imperative component of personal hygiene. You need to wash your head regularly to keep them tidy and clean. Dandruff thrives on a dry scalp and so apply oil to your hair and spread it evenly along the strands.

  • Anti-dandruff shampoos are used to control dandruff. Use them on alternate days or twice a week.

  • Vinegar mixed with water can be applied over the scalp and rinsed prior to bathing to get rid of dandruff.

  • A common household remedy for dandruff is to marinate your hair in fermented curd for an hour before washing it off.

  • Tea tree oil with its anti-fungal properties can be massaged on the scalp to disinfect the scalp. Sandalwood oil also has similar benefits.

  • Rinsing hair with lemon juice can do wonders to banish the dandruff from your scalp. Lemon juice can be added to egg white and the paste can be applied over the scalp to provide relief from itching.

  • Soaking hair in a mixture of olive oil and almond oil for five minutes is also useful to fight dandruff.

  • Eating a balanced diet along with proper sleep and rest will buttress hair health and prevent hair loss.

  • Consult a Dermatologist if symptoms persist or worsen.


  • Abstain from oily and spicy junk food. Avoid alcohol if you want to avert a flaky scalp.

  • Avoid coloring, dyeing or streaking your hair if you suffer from dandruff. It may worsen your plight.

  • Using ordinary soap to wash hair is a common mistake that some of us do. Soaps are not meant for the scalp.

  • Don't try all the cheap hair care products on your hair. Your scalp will become a haven for dandruff due to favorable PH conditions.

  • Don't scratch your scalp with your finger nails. Resist the temptation and treat them at an early stage.


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