Saturday, August 1, 2009

Go green with white reflective roofs

Have you ever been asked not to wear dark t-shirts while going out during summer in the hot sun? This is based on the fact that dark colors absorb heat and light colors reflect heat. If your house is sweltering under the roof during summer, then it is a good idea to paint your roof white. Different colors absorb heat differently. White and other light colors reflect most of the energy from the sun and absorb little amount of heat. This makes them ideal colors for roofs on our homes. White reflective coatings on your roof can reduce the temperature inside your house significantly. This directly reduces your air-conditioning costs and electricity bills paving the way for a greener environment. White roofs can bring down your annual energy consumption by atmost 20% which will not only save you money but also considerably reduce the carbon dioxide gas emission that contributes to global warming. Energy-efficient roofing made from metals that are painted with gleaming white color keeps the inside of your house cooler and cut your energy costs. Contact a professional roofer to shield your house from sun.


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