Friday, August 14, 2009

Swine Flu Cure - Basil Leaves (Tulsi)

Tulsi Swine Flu Cure Basil Leaves
Tulsi is a sacred herb in India used to worship God. Traditional Indian homes have a Tulsi plant at the entrance and tulsi mixed water is served as holy water in temples. Basil leaves are also used for several medicinal preparations in Ayurveda - a traditional medicine system in India. Now the wonder herb is considered as a preventive medicine for the dreaded H1N1 swine flu disease. Tulsi also helps in the rapid recovery of affected people. Tulsi acts by fortifying the immune system and it has anti-flu properties. Tulsi leaves can be eaten raw and they have a strong aroma and an astringent taste. The leaves can be consumed as a juice or paste on an empty stomach. It is no surprise to the Indians that Tulsi can prevent swine flu because they have been using it for the past five millennia as a medicine. Tulsi is a home remedy for diseases like common cold, sore throat, skin infections, child ailments, indigestion, coughs and other respiratory disorders. It is a popular belief in India that Tulsi promotes longevity. Plant a Tulsi in your backyard today and stay away from swine flu by munching on the leaves daily.


Anonymous said...

But, where can I get Tulsi?

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