Thursday, August 6, 2009

Is Chennai highly polluted?

Every time I step out of my house and set out to work I can sense that the air is not clean. I can see lots of suspended particles and dust in the air. Even at home dust accumulates rapidly and I have to clean my computer and my room frequently. Air, water and noise Pollution is already high in the city and now I suspect whether the number of suspended particles has gone up skywards. The number of people diagnosed with respiratory disorders like allergy, asthma, bronchitis, etc is just growing like anything. Doctors are just making merry with patients suffering from respiratory disorders. For example, diseases like hay fever don't have cure and doctors just prescribe temporary remedies. This means that the patients visit often and they make a permanent income out of their patients. Many people are unfortunate that they develop these diseases as a punishment for opting to live in Chennai I guess? I wonder things will ever change. The pollution control board remains a silent spectator and the medical world is not going to find a permanent cure for allergy or hay fever.


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