Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Switzerland Adventures

Switzerland is the most beautiful place on earth and it is home to some unique "pearls" of activities making it a memorable trip to the nation. Located at the heart of Europe, Switzerland is a melting pot of various cultures and traditions. Let me reveal my top five picks for Swiss Gems to kickstart the ultimate Swiss experience.

Monte Brè tops my list and there is no match to the beauty and natural scenery of Monte Brè elsewhere on earth. Fresh air, green environment and dazzling mountains make it a must visit place in Switzerland.

Monte Brè
A boat ride in the ecstatic whitewaters of Geneva is a once in a lifetime experience and you can capture some of the best sights in the region on the way.

Whitewater Rafting
Attending a brewing seminar at the Hof Hopfentropfen is something special. You can get really close to the action and pick up a few lessons on brewing.

Brewing Demonstration
Gathering rare herbs is an experience you will relish in memory for a long time. You can join Nathalie, the mountain guide and herbalist in her quest for the most peculiar herbs on earth.

Swiss Herb Garden
The Basel region has an old paper mill and a visit there will demystify your doubts on the art of papermaking. Papers have become a part of our life and the processes involved in making them throw a few surprises.

Paper Making
There is no end to the adventures in Switzerland and you can Discover Swiss "Pearls" by visiting the country. You have not lived a good life if you haven't made a Swiss trip in your life.


Bailey Baretto said...

this looks so fun :)

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