Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vision problems prevalent among indoor kids

In olden days people rarely had eye defects and never used to wear spectacles. But today eye defects are common even at the age of eight. One of the possible reasons could be lack of proper nutrition. But a recent study has shown that eye defects are more common among kids who prefer to stay indoors most of the time. Home bound children play video games and watch television sitting close to the monitor often. This will cause strain in their eyes and lead to a variety of vision disorders easily. This unhealthy practice will also lead to other diseases like obesity, etc. The other aspect of staying indoors is that the children always get to see only things that are nearer to them. Only when they play outdoors on an open ground their eye will get exercised for distant vision. The lightning conditions are also not poor in certain homes. Children should be allowed to play outdoors and get fresh air to avoid health problems.


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