Monday, June 29, 2009

Nasal block nuisance

Nose determines the beauty of our face and it is an important channel for oxygen entry. Nasal blockage is common during rainy season due to viral infections. If you are lethargic about your nose block then it may have harmful implications. Whenever you catch cold the nose gets blocked because of the chemical secretions in our body. This results in difficulty in breathing and a feeling of stuffiness in the nose. When the nasal passage is blocked naturally we tend to open our mouth and utilize the oral passage to breathe. Nose is a natural filter and conditioner that processes the air before we breathe in. But when we breathe via mouth the air is not filtered giving access to the entry of harmful germs, dust and other foreign particles into the respiratory tract. Nose, throat, ear and the sinuses are all closely linked and when one of them gets infected all of them follow. Chronic mouth breathing can lead to tonsillitis. The air is not getting cleaner anymore and we must take precautions to protect our respiratory tract. When your nose gets blocked immediately consult a physician and get the appropriate therapy. People have this habit of using inhalers to treat nasal block. But using nasal sprays and decongestants prescribed by a qualified doctor is always best.


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