Monday, June 22, 2009

Daytime nap is good for kids

Parents are sometimes furious about their kids dozing off during daytime rather than studying. But a new study states that short daytime naps are beneficial to children of age between 4 and 5. On the flipside children who don't take daytime naps showed signs of hyperactivity, depression and anxiety. Sleep is a natural recuperative mechanism of the body and there is no harm in sleeping during daytime for a short duration. It gives a refreshing experience and improves our efficiency. Inadequate sleep is also linked with the risk of developing certain diseases. Children who catch cold often are advised sound sleep for at least 8 hours a day by doctors. Taking a daytime nap is essential for optimal daytime performance in kids and improves their mental ability. Parents are encouraged to include a 'nap time' in the daily schedule of their children.


gab's mom said...

i think that even for adults, daytime nap is also good. gives us quick time to refresh our minds and body. =)

it always feels good to take a nap. =)

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