Saturday, June 6, 2009

Eco-friendly weddings

Nobody wants their wedding to take place in a dull and unnoticed manner. Traditional wedding ceremonies are meant to rock the neighborhood. Powered by loud speakers and lavish embellishments the party goes on till late night. But no one realizes the impact of a grandeur festivity on the environment. Green weddings are an alternative to conventional weddings that batter the environment. The first step in a green wedding starts with printing fewer invitations and using the electronic media like internet to invite friends and relatives. Avoiding thermocol-based decorations, plastics, nylon threads and other non-recyclable items will make sure that you leave less residue to the environment. Not opting for loud speakers will not only cut off noise pollution but will also bring down the electricity bills. Replacing plastic gear with paper cups, paper plates and mud pots will be more efficient as well as eco-friendly. A great idea to do your bit for the environment would be to gift plant saplings or seeds to the guests in place of traditional polluting goodies. The best part of green weddings is that apart from their eco-friendly nature they are also cost effective. These days weddings are usually planned in such a way that the wedding and the reception happen at the same place to reduce transportation overhead which will directly bring down the emission rate. In fact in my friend's wedding they held the engagement and wedding on consecutive days which was innovative and hassle free.


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Anonymous said...

hi... good ideas...

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