Saturday, June 6, 2009

Just go for a swim

Swimming is an exceptional cardiovascular exercise that has umpteen benefits. Swimming helps in relieving stiffness in joints, reducing your weight, improving your fitness and escaping from mental tension and stress. Swimming is part of the recuperation program for athletes suffering from injuries. A swimming pool is what players dive into after a strenuous day in the field to soothe their muscles and joints. Regular swimming helps in reducing the risk of lifestyle diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, stroke and heart diseases. Swimming is vital for pregnant women and people suffering from arthritis and muscular disorders. Before you step into the pool make sure that the pool is clean and well maintained. A dirty or contaminated pool will cause bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Skin rashes, irritation in the eyes and ears, gastroenteritis and respiratory problems will occur due to swimming on unhygienic water bodies. It is always healthy to take a bath before and after your session in the pool. This will ensure that you are not polluting the pool and also remove germs from your body after swimming. Using proper swimming gear is a hygienic practice. The pool water must be crystal clear and there must be proper drainage facility for unclean water.


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