Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistance is a condition where the pathogen acquires the ability to surmount an antibiotic by gene mutation and becomes a super bug. The overuse of antibiotics and premature renunciation of prescription has led to the profusion of antibiotic resistance. WHO has recognized this as a global issue and several antimicrobial drugs have been rendered powerless as the micro-organisms transform into aggressive strains. Diseases like tuberculosis and malaria are increasingly becoming difficult to treat because of the increase in the number of hostile strains. Self-medication and non-compliance to prescription are major drivers of antimicrobial resistance which can be curtailed by education. Patients often self-medicate with inadequately dosed or counterfeit drugs. Some patients suspend drug intake without completing the full course as soon as they start feeling better before the pathogen has been completely expelled from their body. This creates a conducive environment for the pathogens to adapt and thrive in their body. Thwarting antibiotic resistance requires a global initiative to stop antibiotic abuse and create awareness among the public regarding prescription compliance and abstaining from self-medication.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Quit Smoking for a new beginning

Quit Smoking NaturalSmoking is an addiction which can kill. Some of those who are addicted regret smoking but don't know know how to relinquish the habit. People who relish smoking are still oblivious to the sordid side of smoking and the extent of damage it can cause to their body and mind. Smoking might be considered as a splendid spectacle by the smokers but in reality it is a menace to health and a nuisance for the public and the environment. In order to quit smoking you need enormous self control to annul the craving and patience to pacify your body. There are several therapies and natural products available to help you curb your natural instincts and forget smoking. Nicotine replacement therapy and hypnosis are useful techniques to rescue the chain smokers. You will feel the benefits of quitting smoking right from the day you have bid goodbye to smoking. Remember that you are not alone in this world. Your family and the society will lend their full fledged support if you are willing to kick the butt. Smoking is the chief risk factor for several lifestyle diseases and by quitting smoking you can stay away from those diseases and claim longevity. The website My Quit Smoking Diary is a good online resource to get quit smoking tips and learn about the smoking cessation methods. You can become a hero by quitting smoking. Above all your family memebers will feel proud and happy for you. Make a resolution for this new year that you will quit smoking and never go back to that dirty habit under any circumstances. Let this be a new beginning!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Magnificent Mustard

Mustard Arthritis CancerMustard seeds are an essential ingredient in cuisines across the world and adding the spice to our recipes has significant health profits apart from the flavor it imparts to the dishes. Mustard seeds included in our diet help in accelerating metabolism and improving digestion. Mustard seeds have anti-inflammatory properties which can be leveraged in treating arthritis. Bathing the affected joints in mustard soaked water or mustard mixed with epsom salt in water can relax the stiff joints and soothe the sore muscles. Mustard is also good for the skin and you can also go for a mild mustard facial mask after testing if mustard is irritating on your skin. Mustard seeds also help in expelling the harmful toxins from our body. Selenium and isothiocyantes are important anti-cancer agents found in mustard seeds. Mustard oil has the ability to lower blood pressure and curtail hair loss. The next time you make your favorite dishes don't forget to sprinkle a few roasted mustards on top of them.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Macrolane Breast Injections

Macrolane Non-invasive ProcedureFirm well shaped breasts are the dream of every woman in this world. You can't complain when the opposite gender is fascinated by them. Unfortunately not every woman is blessed with a pair of attractive breasts. Some people take it light heartedly and carry on with their life whereas the others feel crestfallen and let down by their own poorly shaped body features. The medical fraternity has come up with numerous treatment mechanisms over the years for breast enhancement and shaping. But most of them involve surgical procedures and implantation techniques which might not allure the common woman. Today macrolane injections are believed to be the ultimate solution for breast shaping blues. It is basically a non-invasive procedure that involves the injection of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid processed into a gel called NASHA gel into the breasts. The procedure is carried out in a sterile environment with the help of a local anesthetic and the downtime after the procedure is trivial. The Knightsbridge Laser Clinic is a popular clinic in London that specializes in macrolane mode of treatment for volume restoration and body contours shaping for women. They offer free initial consultation and some special offers for their clients. The entire shaping procedure involves just 45 minutes and delivers instant results.

Healthy and hygienic Area Rugs

Area Rugs Home DecorRugs reflect the mood of our house and enhance the beauty of our rooms. Rugs come in a myriad of colors and different shapes and sizes. Selecting the rug that matches the flavor of your room is very important. The website BoldRugs.com has a refined collection of some of the finest contemporary area rugs in the market. Rugs play a critical role in home decor as well as in promoting health by absorbing the dirt and other harmful dust in the room. Selecting rugs for our newly built home is a pleasant experience and you can show your creativity and innovation in designing the look of your home by experimenting with the rugs. You need to be careful while selecting the shape of the rugs because a poorly selected shape can spoil the beauty of the room. You can impress your guests with the type of rugs you use and the kind of mood it captures. BoldRugs offers rugs at the best prices and top quality.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Dealing with Head Lice

Head Lice Pediculosis Home CureHead lice infestation or Pediculosis is a common contagious disease of childhood caused by a parasitic insect called Pediculus humanus capitis that feeds on human blood to survive. School children obliviously pass on the disease to their friends by head-to-head contact while playing. The parasite also travels from the scalp of one person to another by sharing combs, headphones, bed linen, towels, hats, brushes, etc. Itching is the most common symptom of pediculosis which is caused by an allergic reaction to the louse saliva. A person infested with head lice will have tiny lice eggs called nits at the base of the hair shaft nearest to the scalp which should not be misinterpreted as dandruff.

Treatment & Prevention

  • The wet combing or bug-busting method is an effective home remedy to dispel the lice and the nits from the scalp. Wash your hair with shampoo and soak in hair conditioner. With the help of a fine toothed nit comb you can remove the lice and nits from your hair. But this must be repeated for a few days until the scalp is clear from lice.

  • Lice medications like pediculicide can be applied on the hair to destroy the parasites. The chemicals and insecticides prescribed in the form of lotions might be toxic and so strictly adhere to the label instructions on the product while using them.

  • Vinegar is considered as a natural home remedy for head louse. Just wash your hair with vinegar and comb off the dead particles. Coconut oil and tea tree oil are other useful oils to get rid of head lice.

  • Apply mayonnaise on the scalp, gently massage your head to choke out the lice infestation and comb off the dead particles.

  • Cropping your hair will not help alleviate pediculosis because the lice and the nits notoriously cling to the base of the hair.

  • Proper hygiene and cleanliness will safeguard our children form lice infestation. Clothing, bed linens and towels must be disinfected by washing them in hot water. Soak the combs and brushes in hot water and wash them with soap to disinfect them.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Personal injury Law Firm

Injuries in life can be both physical as well as psychological. Physical injuries can be unavoidable because accidents can never be predicted. But you can always seek compensation from the person responsible for the mishap. Finding the right attorney to present your case is crucial to recover money from the culprit. The Gallagher law firm has some of the excellent personal injury lawyers who can help you prove your case. The best part is that you will be made aware of all the legal processes and information so that your involvement in the case is never undermined at any stage. You can visit the website GallagherLawFirm.com and fill out the form for a free case review. You can discuss your case with one of their leading attorneys and clarify your doubts regarding the protocol for successfully settling your case. They also handle divorce cases and have built a strong reputation in Louisiana with their clients. The key to their success and status is their transparency and dedication towards their clients.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Efficient Crowd Management Tools

Stanchion Crowd Control System
Crowd control is a crucial aspect of any business because it involves the customer satisfaction component. When the customer is upset with the crowd management system in place it will have a major impact on the business. In order to efficiently manage crowd you need to plan properly and need the right kind of crowd control equipment. The equipment must be reliable, occupy less space and of high quality. While buying crowd management gear, you must search for tools that will blend perfectly with your office design. CamelBack Displays has the largest collection of the finest crowd control products like stanchions, barricades, transporters, barriers, pipes, drapes, etc. Typically stanchions and roping are the basic crowd control tools used to guide people along a predefined path so that they don't clash with each other and create panic. Stanchions are available in different styles including retractable belts, velvet rope, plastic chains, etc. You can also customize the belts by printing your own company logos and welcome text on them.

Barricade Crowd Control Planning System Tools
In order to control the traffic securely you need barricades. Barricades offer protection from intruders and aid in ensuring security and privacy. Barricades come in a multitude of design patterns and have weather resistance capabilities too. The expandable models are easy to use and are portable. Efficient crowd management is the key to successful business growth and improvement. Just visit CamelBack Displays and order your preferred crowd control equipment at affordable prices.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cinnamon Chronicle

Cinnamon Bark Spice Health Benefits DiabetesCinnamon bark is a popular spice widely used to lend flavor and fragrance to the cuisine. Cinnamon is also a medicinal substance with remarkable curative properties and recent studies have explored the health benefits of cinnamon. Cinnamon is an inexpensive ingredient that upholds fitness and promotes good health.

  • Cinnamon helps in regulating blood sugar levels by turning on the insulin receptors so that the blood glucose is utilized efficiently by the body. This property is beneficial to the diabetic patients.

  • Cinnamon powder mixed with honey is a powerful combination that can lower LDL cholesterol levels in our body. The cinnamon honey recipe also helps in relieving arthritis pain efficiently because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

  • The aroma of cinnamon boosts brain activity and enhances the cognitive processes in our mind. Cinnamon is also considered as a valuable brain tonic used to improve memory and intelligence.

  • Cinnamon incorporates anti-microbial elements and it is used as a home remedy to treat mundane health conditions like common cold, cough, flu, sore throat, stomach ache, nausea, flatulence and other infections.

  • Olive oil, cinnamon powder and honey can be made into a paste and applied on the scalp to prevent and control hair loss.

  • Cinnamon has anti-clotting attributes which are handy in treating several important diseases. Cinnamon also helps in the purification of blood.

  • Cinnamon has natural killing power against pathogens like E. coli 0157 bacteria which is known to cause gastroenteritis and bloody diarrhea.

  • Cinnamon powder honey mixture is also used to relieve toothaches. Cinnamon is also a natural mouth freshener preventing bad breath.

  • Cinnamon oil can be used a natural mosquito repellent apart from its culinary uses. Cinnamon is also known to aid in curing diseases like eczema, infertility, menstrual pain, etc.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Finest Replica Watches Collection

Watches are indispensable in our daily life albeit the profusion of electronic gadgets and communication devices in recent times. Man's basic instinct to know the time is to look at his wrist watch instantly. Watches not only remind us about the time but they are objects of beauty and add value to our personality. You can make a fashion statement with stylish replica watches of the leading brands in the industry. Replica watches are cheap yet are of superior quality and include the entire features and functions of their authentic counterparts. You will save a lot of money buying replica stuff rather than real watches and still carry the same flair and luxury associated with the original branded watches.

The internet is full of unreliable websites selling replica watches trying to trick the buyer with attractive offers. PerfectWatches.net is the trusted source to buy reliable replica watches online. They have the finest collection of replica designer watches in the web from the most popular to the most under-rated models at the best prices. I was thoroughly impressed by the fabulous collection of replica rolex watches at PerfectWatches.net. The watches were picture perfect and I didn't even notice a scintilla of difference between the original and the imitation. I consider buying replica rolex watches as a prudent option simply because of the sheer amount of money I can save and the quality of watches I get.

PerfectWatches.net has replica watches from a plethora of the top watch makers across the globe like cartier,breitling, tag heuer, chopard, bvlgari, panerai, montblanc, etc. The breitling replica watches can make a few eyeballs pop out from their sockets with their powerful design and glamorous colors. With Chopard replica watches you get the same elegance and charisma as the original. Replica watches have made the dreams of several people to wear an expensive luxury watch come true at affordable prices.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Physically active boys are smarter

Kids Playing
A recent Swedish study has proposed that physically active teen boys may be smarter than their stereotypical couch-potato counterparts. The research has established an apparent link between cardiovascular fitness and smarter chaps. The results are motivating for the parents to allow their children indulge in regular physical activities in order to stay fit and exhibit better intelligence. Schools must realize the importance of physical education and allocate a dedicated chunk of time for sports and other recreational activities. The results should not be misinterpreted as if joining a gym makes the kids smarter. But the bottom-line is that optimal cognitive function can be achieved with a healthy body and regular cardiovascular exercise is vital for a sound body and mind.

Buy Korean Ginseng Extracts Online

Cheap Korean Ginseng Roots Extract Impotence DiabetesGinseng roots are high in medicinal value and red ginseng extract is widely consumed as a generic health drink across the world. Ginseng extracts have a slew of therapeutic properties that is beneficial for people suffering from diseases like stress, anxiety, diabetes, impotence, lethargy, arthritis, etc. Ginseng also helps in enhancing immunity and supplies ample energy to the body. The ginseng roots imported directly from Korea undergo multiple stages of processing before they are packed and sold. The best place to buy authentic ginseng extracts online is KoreanGinsengExtracts.com where you can buy them at the lowest prices. Red ginseng extracts are available in different forms and flavors. Drinks like korean ginseng tea gold are renowned worldwide in promoting mental relaxation and invigorating our soul and body. The honeyed red ginseng roots that have a rich aroma and taste provide instant energy and banish fatigue from our body. Ginseng also encompasses several beauty secrets and has anti-aging properties. The kids ginseng tonic is perfect for kids and it will perk up their fitness in the long run. Kids will also love the ginseng candies which are healthy as well as appetizing for the taste buds. All the ginseng products are available at special discount prices and attractive offers including free shipment services. Hurry! Buy ginseng online safely at KoreanGinsengExtracts.com and experience the goodness of nature.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Zinc Pills/Syrup to subjugate Diarrhea

Zinc Supplements Diarrhea Instant Relief
Diarrhea has long been an underrated disease because it barely impacts the livelihood of the rich and the famous. But the fact that diarrhea is a killer disease that sucks the lives of millions of children across Asia and Africa is often undermined by the more hyped about diseases like malaria and AIDS. Diarrhea is a deadly epidemic during the rainy season in these continents and the fragile infants fall prey to this notorious disease due to lack of awareness and proper medication. The traditional oral rehydration therapy (ORT) which has been a potent weapon against diarrhea was either oblivious to the affected families or snubbed for its delay in action. Zinc is a magical mineral that has proved to be effective in taming diarrhea successfully in recent times. Diarrhea is a disease that causes severe dehydration by rapid loss of fluids from the body. The rehydration salts help in slowing down the exit of fluids and are extremely effective in replacing fluids and nutrients. Zinc is an essential ingredient in about 300 enzymes within our body and zinc supplements bolster immunity and stifle the progress of diarrhea. Zinc combined with ORS can be a formidable combination to annihilate diarrhea. The WHO distributes zinc supplements in the form of tablets/syrup to the diarrhea-stricken villages in Asia and Africa that is delivering promising results.

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