Thursday, January 8, 2009

Frequent cold & cough? Improve your immunity

One of my friends always suffers from running nose, headache and flu periodically. He always tells me it is very difficult to manage the symptoms. I read from a book that this might be due to poor immunity. If you also suffer from these symptoms then take them seriously. A vulnerable immune system could be the reason for allergies, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Here are some tips to buttress your susceptible immune system. One of the chief causes of poor immunity is stress. Stress is a slow poison which initiates the release of stress hormones that will impact the pulse rate, heart beat and metabolic activities. This will lead to a variety of disorders in the long run such as heart ailments, infections, cold, obesity etc. Insomnia is another reason for a fragile immune system. Today we don't sleep long enough and also won't sleep without any turbulent thoughts in our mind. A normal human being needs 8 hours of sleep to balance the hormone levels in the body and invigorate ourselves. Unhealthy eating habits are another major concern. People give less important to the idea of a balanced diet. A poor diet will deteriorate the performance of the immune system. Exercising should be given priority than other activities. It will have an indirect effect on the immune system helping it to operate with maximum efficiency. So stay happy, sleep longer, exercise daily and eat healthy to live a distortionless life.

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