Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dandruff - Home Remedy

Dandruff is a condition where peelings of dead skin are shed from the scalp. Dandruff can be caused by several factors like fungus, yeasts, psoriasis, head lice, dry scalp, etc. If left untreated dandruff may result in hair loss. Here are some simple tips to get rid of dandruff


  • Hair is an imperative component of personal hygiene. You need to wash your head regularly to keep them tidy and clean. Dandruff thrives on a dry scalp and so apply oil to your hair and spread it evenly along the strands.

  • Anti-dandruff shampoos are used to control dandruff. Use them on alternate days or twice a week.

  • Vinegar mixed with water can be applied over the scalp and rinsed prior to bathing to get rid of dandruff.

  • A common household remedy for dandruff is to marinate your hair in fermented curd for an hour before washing it off.

  • Tea tree oil with its anti-fungal properties can be massaged on the scalp to disinfect the scalp. Sandalwood oil also has similar benefits.

  • Rinsing hair with lemon juice can do wonders to banish the dandruff from your scalp. Lemon juice can be added to egg white and the paste can be applied over the scalp to provide relief from itching.

  • Soaking hair in a mixture of olive oil and almond oil for five minutes is also useful to fight dandruff.

  • Eating a balanced diet along with proper sleep and rest will buttress hair health and prevent hair loss.

  • Consult a Dermatologist if symptoms persist or worsen.


  • Abstain from oily and spicy junk food. Avoid alcohol if you want to avert a flaky scalp.

  • Avoid coloring, dyeing or streaking your hair if you suffer from dandruff. It may worsen your plight.

  • Using ordinary soap to wash hair is a common mistake that some of us do. Soaps are not meant for the scalp.

  • Don't try all the cheap hair care products on your hair. Your scalp will become a haven for dandruff due to favorable PH conditions.

  • Don't scratch your scalp with your finger nails. Resist the temptation and treat them at an early stage.

Healthy Living - BodyBoost Colostrum

Body Boost Colostrum
BodyBoost Colostrum is a natural product that promotes inner harmony. The Colostrum Body Boost will strengthen your immune system and shield you from malicious health hazards. The key to the success of the colostrum is the high levels of natural immune factors and cytokine precursors that play a central role in balancing the body’s immune system. As we age our body gradually loses its ability to fight diseases and infections which is why we need colostrum to rejuvenate our immunity. People have realized the benefits of yoga and the ancient art of healthy living. Inner Harmony Yoga Colostrum Body Boost is the secret of hale and hearty life. BodyBoost assures that it contains a minimum of at least three percent PRPs and at least twenty-two percent immunogloblins (lg). The colostrum is packed with the goodness of natural ingredients and delivers all the essential nutrients to the body. Modern lifestyle has deviated considerably from natural living and the colostrum is an ideal way to align with nature. The medical world has welcomed the influence of colostrum on human health and doctors are confident about the role of colostrum in augmenting traditional medicine. BodyBoost Colostrum is the gateway to a healthy family. Buy Colostrum today and provide your family with the health extract they truly deserve.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Popcorn and Polyphenols

Grabbing a box full of popcorn and munching on them while watching a movie is something most of us do at a movie theatre. This oblivious eating habit has its own health benefits. Scientists claim that snack foods like popcorn and many popular breakfast cereals are rich in polyphenol antioxidants. Antioxidants and Phytonutrients have been regarded highly by the medical world in preventing diseases and promoting juvenile health. Consuming popcorn plays a major role in preventing heart diseases and cancer. Surprisingly several snack foods like chocolate, green tea, coffee, red wine, blackberries, broccoli, etc are also affluent sources of polyphenols.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Eyeglasses and smart spending

Zenni Optical Cheap Eyeglasses
The world is changing rapidly and we must also adapt to the new trends in the fashion industry. Zenni Optical has taken the optical industry to a new level with its innovative concept of $ 8 Rx eyeglasses. The world is facing a tough economic challenge in the form of recession and one needs to think and plan properly to survive the hard times. This brings us to the question How You Can Start Spending Smart. The answer lies in the way we pick our eyeglasses. Cheaper eyeglasses from Zenni are preferred by a large section of the society. You can buy a handful of eyeglasses at reasonable prices and you can wear whichever glass suits your dress that day. This is how you make a new fashion statement. My favorite high fashion eyeglasses are always from Zenni optical and I get them cheap too.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gold Coins Trading Guide

The present global economic downturn has changed the outlook of the people on gold. Today gold is not just an ornamental metal but investors are looking at it as a safe buying option. The latest trend in the market is trading with gold ira accounts. Investors are placing physical gold in IRA's and the returns are expected to outperform the revenues from other assets. Most of us know about the importance of gold and its value but we are faced with the question "how to put gold in my IRA?". Sometimes it can be tricky because there are chances that you may be betrayed. But there is no need to worry.

You can buy certified gold coins and gold bullion coins at GoldCoinsGain.com. The website is a trusted source to buy ira gold and gather investment information regarding gold. Even if you are new to the world of gold trading, you can learn about it easily by requesting a copy of the Free Gold Guide. You will get all the details about opening gold 401k accounts and the latest news and updates about gold. While the others are repugnant to invest in the equity market you can make a handsome profit in this gloomy economic situation by investing on gold.

Bite the Beet

Beetroot Health BenefitsBeetroot is a vibrant vegetable that has important health benefits. The reddish/purple colored beetroot is very effective in lowering blood pressure. Drinking beetroot juice boosts your stamina and helps you workout better and lets you spend more time on the gym. Beetroots contain vitamins, iron, folic acid, minerals and some powerful antioxidants for a healthy cardio-vascular system. The fiber content of beetroot helps to lower blood cholesterol level. Research has shown that beetroot might have anti-carcinogenic properties and helps prevent lung and skin cancer. Beetroot is a proven laxative and works well to alleviate constipation. Beetroot also works as a breath freshener whenever you want to cut off bad odour like garlic or onion. Research is in progress to fully understand the health benefits of beetroot.

Top 10 Web Hosting Providers

Web hosting is a crucial decision point that every webmaster would have come across in his life. Selecting a web hosting company is not an easy job especially with the amount of tangled information on the web. You have the option of choosing from a slew of web hosts providing a range of products and services. Who you can trust when it comes to web hosting reviews and analysis? Wpdesigner is a source you can rely on when it comes to unbiased web hosting reviews. They track the performance of private hosting companies and expose every crucial detail lurking in the dark about these hosting companies. Professional web developers can now easily find out the best 10 web hosting sites from the ranking provided by Wpdesigner. Wpdesigner is not just a web hosting rating website. The website has a bevy of web designing tutorials and web hosting guides for the benefit of the novice. You will find the solution for your web hosting queries from basic to advanced topics at Wpdesigner.com. The "Trusted Top 10 hosting list" gives an idea about the industry leaders in web hosting based on authentically captured facts and real time information. Wpdesigner is a one-stop place for your web hosting needs.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cracking CCNA Certification Exam

Cisco Systems is one of the largest hardware manufacturers in the world today and they have a massive market presence in the computer networking hardware and software business. In order to get yourself aligned with the job opportunities related to Cisco you must first become a Cisco Certified Network Associate. CCNA certification is the stepping stone for a reputable career with Cisco products. In order to crack the CCNA exam and become a certified professional you need quality training from an experienced entity. Joining the ccna boot camp is the best way to approach the exam. Cisco Certification boot camp classes offered by Countrywide Training are considered as the best training facility in the world. You will be trained on Cisco technologies by amiable and knowledgeable personnel which will help you achieve your goals easily. Training classes will be conducted on a beautiful campus with excellent facilities which is a conducive environment to acquire the knowledge and skills required to clear the exam. Both theory and practical are given equal importance and you will get to test your knowledge at labs by doing a variety of practice activities and experiments. CCNA boot camp training is a comprehensive training program and apart from getting certified you will also become an expert on Cisco's technologies.

Bausch & Lomb Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

SofLens is the latest sensation in the optical world. More and more people are switching to contact lenses from conventional eyeglasses because of the comfort and the high standard of vision offered by contact lenses. Recently disposable contact lenses have become popular across the world especially the product SofLens by Bausch & Lomb. SofLens is a disposable contact lens which relieves us from the contact lens maintenance overhead and provides scientifically enhanced quality of vision. You no longer need to suffer from the nuisance of cleaning your lenses with the solution which is a waste of time and energy. There is a possibility of developing infections in the eye if you use the same lens several times. Therefore the solution to protect your sensitive eyes from infections is to go for disposable lenses. SofLens is a technological prodigy which comes with a bevy of health benefits. It is non-allergic, easy-to-use and disposable making it the ideal equipment for your precious eyes. SofLens is so thin that people won't even get a trace of doubt that you have vision problem and that you are wearing contact lenses. There is not much price difference between SofLens and 2-week lenses from leading brands. The next time you step out to buy contact lens make sure that they are SofLens.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Women's Clothing in Special Sizes

Our dress depicts our personality. Dressing is an art and selecting the appropriate dresses to wear is a skill that many of us struggle to perfect. A perfect fit dress is hard to find because ready made dresses come in predetermined sizes and sometimes they don't fit exactly the way we would like them to be. A dress that fits perfectly is comfortable to wear as well as makes a good impression on others. Where do you find woman's clothing for custom sizes? ShopWiki shows the way for buying designer apparel that come in special sizes for women. You get to select a dress that fits you seamlessly as if it is a custom made clothing. ShopWiki offers a slew of fashionable clothing for women matching their body profile whether they are tall or short, skinny or fat and normal or pregnant.

Pregnant women often get the rough end of the stick when it comes to clothing. There are no perfect fit garments available for moms-to-be. ShopWiki has come up with stylish maternity clothing for moms-to-be with innovative design, great looks and perfect fitting. ShopWiki is the largest shopping directory cum search engine on the web and you will find all the answers for your shopping needs here.

WHO snubs Homeopathy

The World Health Organization has cautioned people to desist the use of homeopathic medicines to treat life-threatening diseases like Malaria, TB and HIV. Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine which has gained popularity across the globe in recent years. But now researchers feel that there is no concrete proof that homeopathy would benefit patients suffering from chronic diseases like HIV, TB, infant diarrhea, influenza and Malaria. After a letter to the WHO by the Voice of Young Science Network, WHO has advised health care workers to rebuff homeopathy and treat patients with proven treatment mechanisms. People who promote homeopathy for infectious diseases like these are reckoned as being reckless and lacking social responsibility. The Society of Homeopaths has brushed aside the issue as just another attempt to discredit homeopathy. While science questions the effectiveness of homeopathy and demands evidence for cure, judicious health experts warrant further research and investment into homeopathy.

K Alliance Distance Learning Education

K Alliance - the industry leader in providing online learning solutions has come up with distance learning programs that enables participants to learn from a remote location seamlessly through their PC. Learning has always been a wonderful experience with k alliance and now you can complete your certifications by studying from home or office. The novel concept of remote classroom instruction (RCI) is transforming the outlook of the IT training fraternity. Today the modern way of learning is e-learning. The knowledge you acquire by learning online is many fold when compared with the knowledge acquired from books. The IT industry is freight with new technologies and a bevy of rapidly changing concepts which can be understood only with the help of experienced tutors. At K Alliance knowledge acquisition is easy with the training materials and online tutorials presented to you in a palatable manner. Companies can now tie up with K Alliance to forge a learning platform for their employees. Training employees with the most recent technologies is a process that every organization strives to undertake because it adds value to the company. K Alliance can bridge the gap between employees and learning by providing an interactive interface people can exploit. Numerous companies have already joined the bandwagon and your company could be the next.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Diet to curb diabetes

Diabetes is one disease which none of us would like to have in our system. Diabetes is believed to be hereditary but you may also develop the disease because of lifestyle changes and dietary issues. We will take a closer look at the food items that can prevent and control diabetes.

  • Diabetes patients need to avoid fat and salt. Drinking Milk cuts the risk of diabetes by 40% according to research. Milk contains calcium, magnesium and vitamin D which bolster your body's ability to utilize insulin correctly. Drinking milk has other health benefits too apart from diabetes prevention. Remember to consume only low fat skimmed milk (1%) to reap the benefits.

  • Diabetic patients can go for Green Tea that has a slew of benefits including cancer prevention, diabetes and blood pressure control, weight loss, stroke risk reduction, dental welfare, etc. Filtered Coffee reduces the risk of diabetes by 30%. You can gulp a cuppa everyday.

  • Chewing on redolent Cinnamon sticks lowers the levels of lipids and glucose in blood. You can boil cinnamon sticks in water and drink the water.

  • Garlic can lower blood sugar level by regulating insulin secretion. Try to include more of chopped onion and garlic in food.

  • Bitter gourd or Bitter melon plays a major role in bringing down blood sugar. Consuming the juice on empty stomach can provide a reckonable drop in sugar level.

  • Research has it that Chinese women who ate peanuts daily eliminated the risk of diabetes as much as 21%. Walnuts and almonds are also effective Nuts against diabetes. Some nuts have high fat content which can be avoided.

  • A magical fruit called Jamun or Indian blackberry is prescribed as a home remedy for diabetes in Ayurveda. It can be consumed as a fruit or the seeds can be powdered and taken along with water.

  • Fenugreek and Flaxseeds are also used to treat diabetes and used in several medicinal preparations.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Switzerland Adventures

Switzerland is the most beautiful place on earth and it is home to some unique "pearls" of activities making it a memorable trip to the nation. Located at the heart of Europe, Switzerland is a melting pot of various cultures and traditions. Let me reveal my top five picks for Swiss Gems to kickstart the ultimate Swiss experience.

Monte Brè tops my list and there is no match to the beauty and natural scenery of Monte Brè elsewhere on earth. Fresh air, green environment and dazzling mountains make it a must visit place in Switzerland.

Monte Brè
A boat ride in the ecstatic whitewaters of Geneva is a once in a lifetime experience and you can capture some of the best sights in the region on the way.

Whitewater Rafting
Attending a brewing seminar at the Hof Hopfentropfen is something special. You can get really close to the action and pick up a few lessons on brewing.

Brewing Demonstration
Gathering rare herbs is an experience you will relish in memory for a long time. You can join Nathalie, the mountain guide and herbalist in her quest for the most peculiar herbs on earth.

Swiss Herb Garden
The Basel region has an old paper mill and a visit there will demystify your doubts on the art of papermaking. Papers have become a part of our life and the processes involved in making them throw a few surprises.

Paper Making
There is no end to the adventures in Switzerland and you can Discover Swiss "Pearls" by visiting the country. You have not lived a good life if you haven't made a Swiss trip in your life.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Diabetes patients can laugh off heart risks

Have you ever seen people gathered in groups at parks and beaches laughing the hell out of them? It seems a bit weird for some of us. But actually they are trying to avert health risks by staying happy. Laughter is the best medicine for your heart. Diabetic patients have a greater risk of developing heart diseases. Stress plays a crucial role in triggering heart ailments. The key to staying stress free is being happy by smiling. A recent research shows that a daily dose of humor along with standard medication can keep the heart diseases at bay. The study revealed that there was an obvious increase in the amount of good cholesterol (HDL) among those who giggled daily. Also the levels of C-reactive protein, an indicator for heart-harming inflammation, went down drastically owing to the systematic laughter therapy. Doctors recommend a daily session of laughter by watching a 30 minute funny video or by joking along with friends. Laughter suppresses the stress hormones and provides the goodness of positive emotions. The next time you feel overwhelmed by stress, just flash a smile and shrug off your worries.

Plum way to health

Prunus domestica - Prune
The colorful juicy plums are a sweet way to stay fit. Plum is a special fruit that contains high amount of disease-fighting antioxidants. Antioxidants have grabbed the attention of the medical world in recent times owing to their anti-cancer and anti-aging properties. Plums are a rich source of dietary fiber and vitamin C. These oval shaped drupes are pleasing to the palate and contain certain unique phytonutrients. The dried version of plums called prunes is ideal for bone fortification. Women are more vulnerable to bone disorders and eating prunes regularly will buttress their bones. Prunes are also natural sources of boron, potassium and vitamin K which are vital for bone health. Consuming fresh plums on a regular basis can prevent macular degeneration, heart diseases, arthritis and osteoporosis. Prune juice is a handy home remedy for constipation. Plums are also known to promote sharp vision and prevent bone loss. Plums have oxalates and so people suffering from kidney or gall stones must abstain from eating them. Plums can be eaten raw, tossed with cereal and grains or made into stew along with onions, garlic and carrots.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Online Math Help and Tutoring

During my school days I was wary of one wacky subject that gave me sleepless nights - Mathematics. Algebra and calculus frightened the hell out of me. But thankfully today the modern day kids can cope with the subject by getting Online math help. The internet has paved the way for students to maximize their earning potential by accessing online educational services. TutorVista.com is the best online tutoring institution in the world providing online academic solutions for K-12, back to school and college tutoring. Innovative teaching resources, interactive faculty and world class training offered by TutorVista makes it the No.1 educational portal in the universe. When it comes to Online math tutoring they are the industry leaders.

Most of the students don't understand the subjects completely in a school or college atmosphere. They need individual attention and one-on-one interaction with the teacher to perform better which may not be feasible at school or college. Attending coaching classes elsewhere is not a prudent practice because of the traveling overhead and lack of individual attention. E-learning is the only option available to study from home and at TutorVista you get Math help 24 x 7. At TutorVista learning math is fun and exciting. Their expert and experienced tutors show the path of success for all the students. You can attend a free demo session to try the service for the first time.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

What is Vitamin B complex?

Eight water soluble vitamins are grouped under the Vitamin B complex nomenclature. The B vitamins are essential for cellular functions and influence various chemical reactions in the body.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) is known as anti-neuritic vitamin and it promotes growth and proper functioning of the nervous system. Due to polishing of rice, the vitamin content is lost. Whole grains and their husk, egg yolk, potatoes, dry yeast and milk are rich sources of vitamin B1. Deficiency of vitamin B1 causes Beriberi.

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) is basically a yellow pigment that aids in cellular respiration and metabolism functions. Milk, liver, yeast, nuts and meat are good sources of vitamin B2. Reddening of the eyes, roughness of the cornea, cracks in the lips, soreness of the tongue, etc can be attributed to vitamin B2 deficiency.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin or Nicotinic acid) is necessary for oxidative metabolism in cells. Niacin can also regulate cholesterol level in blood. Soyabeans, liver, meat, cereals, asparagus and milk are sources of vitamin B3. Vitamin B3 deficiency results in pellagra characterized by soreness and inflammation of tongue and mouth, pigmentation and thickening of skin, insomnia and nervous degeneration.

Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) is known as anti-stress vitamin and plays a vital role in hormone secretion and fat metabolism. Meat, mushrooms, wheat, broccoli, etc are sources of Vitamin B5. Adding baking soda while cooking can destroy the vitamin in food. Vitamin B5 deficiency may lead to acne formation, fatigue, depression and paresthesia.

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) plays a valuable role in the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It assists the immune system and promotes mental health. Meat, fish, legumes, carrots, yeast and peas are suppliers of Vitamin B6. Deficiency of this vitamin can cause dermatitis, dementia, nervousness and anaemia.

Vitamin B7 (Vitamin H or Biotin) is also a member of B complex vitamins and is needed for energy release (Kreb cycle) and cell growth. Brewer's yeast, cauliflower, salmon, beef and cheese are good sources of vitamin H. Deficiency of biotin results in hair loss, dry scaly skin with rashes and depression.

Vitamin B9 (Folic acid) is needed for cell division, DNA synthesis and growth. Spinach, broccoli, beans, lettuce, sunflower seeds and liver are rich in vitamin B9. Deficiency of folic acid may cause birth defects, anaemia and nervous problems.

Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamine) is essential for the formation of RBCs and aids in energy metabolism. Animal products like liver, kidney and eggs are useful sources of vitamin B12. Deficiency of this vitamin may lead to pernicious anaemia and Alzheimer's disease.

Note: Some of these vitamins may be associated with vitamin toxicity. Consult a doctor before taking vitamins and dietary supplements.

Healthy Handsome Bathrooms

Ever imagined life without bathrooms? Don't do that just yet. A bathroom is a place we visit often and it is a part of our life. We need to keep our bathrooms clean and hygienic. Apart from cleanliness don't you want to design your bathrooms beautifully? Bathrooms should depict your mood and they must provide a soothing environment for you to relax. BetterBathrooms.com is a website that looks beyond conventional design. You will get the finest jacuzzi collection here and some of the most innovative ideas to design your rest rooms. From attractive bathroom suites, tiles, furniture, taps and baths to artistic accessories there is a never ending compilation of wash room products. Now they are in massive stock clearance mode and you can take advantage of that to save on money. They have slashed prices on numerous models and you can fetch a good bargain on your favorite products. I bought a shower system for my friend who has a newly constructed house and he was really happy for the gift. The customer service and delivery was excellent. Now I'm planning to change the lighting in my bathroom and I'll consult BetterBathrooms to do that for me. You can contact them for your bathroom design needs. Just visit their website to learn more about their products and services.

Herbal Arugampul Juice - Cynodon dactylon

Arukampul HealthBermuda Grass known as Arugampul in Tamil has interesting medicinal properties. The grass has the ability to purify blood and cure stomach ailments. The plucked grass should be washed first, crushed to extract the juice and consumed with water as Arugampul Juice. The herbal juice is rich in vitamin A, fibre, minerals and other nutrients. The juice extract is an effective diuretic and it is used as a relief for flatulence. The health benefits of Cynodon dactylon juice include antiviral and antiseptic properties. Diabetes patients benefit from the juice and it influences blood glucose levels. The juice also reduces body heat and used to treat urinary tract infections.

Quality Eyeglasses Online

The modern way of living has forced many of us to live on spectacles. Today people of all ages ranging from kids to the elderly suffer from vision problems and rely on eyeglasses. While buying glasses we must stress on the quality of the maker and don't just blindly look at the price. A low quality eyeglass can do more harm to your eyes than good. Buy eye gear only from established and reputed opticians. At Glasses Shop the High-indexed Prescription Eyeglasses On Sale are affordable pieces with quality guarantee. You can surf their website for a frame that suits your own style and looks. Frames come in different styles and materials. After deciding on the frame you can proceed to choose the lens type and other add-on features. Personally I propose prescription sunglasses with a color tint of your choice so that you need not reveal to the world that you have vision defects. They also provide plenty of options to tailor your glasses like UV, anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings. The packaging technology has improved vastly and so there is no need to worry about shipping issues. Online purchase is trouble free and you can get them delivered at your door steps. Glasses Shop also offers a ninety day money back guarantee for every shopper.

Computer and Eye sight

A friend of mine who is working in a software company had a peculiar problem in his eyes. His eyes were always dry and this led to irritation and pain. The doctor prescribed him eye drops to lubricate the eyes. The reason for his problem was that he was so engrossed in his work that he didn't blink regularly. It is important for people working with computers to give proper rest to their eyes. Whenever you feel irritation in the eyes just look at a distant object preferably green or blue colored backdrops. You can also gently massage your eyes with your palms. Remember to blink often and roll your eyes regularly to keep them lubricated.

Safety Gear for secure life

Life in this world is not a pre-planned journey and is filled with stochastic adventures and misfortunes. Safety comes first above everything in life and being the bread winner for your family, your safety is paramount to your family. Never underestimate the importance of safety gear at work place. The first thing you must do is to wear safety glasses to protect your eyes. In an industrial environment dust, debris and chemicals can cause damage to your precious eyes. Then you need to shield your skull. Industrial accidents are capricious and you never know when a hard object might fall on you. These are things which you cannot control in life but you can always stay prepared. Wearing hard hats is a simple solution to protecting your crown from damage. Today these hats are designed to give that professional look to you and you can feel proud to wear them. Another important asset in your body is your ears. The noise level at the work floor is often way above the prescribed decibels and it is not good for your auditory organs. Disposable and reusable ear plugs are available in the market today which are scientifically optimized for perfect filtering of noise. If you own a company and you are the employer of thousands of people working in your industry, make sure that you supply the appropriate safety gear to them. Respect human life and do your bit for the society.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Swine Flu Cure - Basil Leaves (Tulsi)

Tulsi Swine Flu Cure Basil Leaves
Tulsi is a sacred herb in India used to worship God. Traditional Indian homes have a Tulsi plant at the entrance and tulsi mixed water is served as holy water in temples. Basil leaves are also used for several medicinal preparations in Ayurveda - a traditional medicine system in India. Now the wonder herb is considered as a preventive medicine for the dreaded H1N1 swine flu disease. Tulsi also helps in the rapid recovery of affected people. Tulsi acts by fortifying the immune system and it has anti-flu properties. Tulsi leaves can be eaten raw and they have a strong aroma and an astringent taste. The leaves can be consumed as a juice or paste on an empty stomach. It is no surprise to the Indians that Tulsi can prevent swine flu because they have been using it for the past five millennia as a medicine. Tulsi is a home remedy for diseases like common cold, sore throat, skin infections, child ailments, indigestion, coughs and other respiratory disorders. It is a popular belief in India that Tulsi promotes longevity. Plant a Tulsi in your backyard today and stay away from swine flu by munching on the leaves daily.

Sublime Stainless Steel Articles

Unlike normal steel and iron products, stainless steel articles do not corrode when exposed to air or moisture. Objects made from stainless steel remain rust free for several decades making them perfect for our homes. But where do you get to buy stainless steel housewares? I came across the unique collection of blomus stainless steel fireplace set on the web and ordered them online the moment I saw them. The refulgent stainless steel products at The Stainless Steel Store just swept me away. An assorted compilation of the finest artistic talent and innovative design was on display when I browsed the pages. The blomus stainless steel teaset I bought is my neighbor's envy and almost all my guests query where I bought them. I'm really proud of my stainless steel houseware and I'm never shy to show off my household utensils made of stainless steel.

The Stainless Steel Store is one place on the web where I shop for home products and I get them at good prices. Last week I bought the blomus stainless steel firepit that sits nicely on top of the dining table giving a classical touch to my house. You can also shop for some of the most beautiful home articles at The Stainless Steel Store to embellish your house and grab the attention of your guests.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

H1N1 Swine Flu Prevention Tips and Precautions

H1N1 influenza is a pandemic viral disease caused by type A influenza viruses. The disease can spread from human to human and so we must take appropriate preventive measures personally.

Quarantine the infected

Persons who have contracted the disease should be completely isolated in a room with minimal contact with others. Patients must realize the importance of not spreading the virus to others by covering their nose and mouth with a tissue while coughing or sneezing.

Promote Personal Hygiene

Wash your hands with soap or alcohol based gels frequently. The virus spreads easily through the respiratory tract. Therefore avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Don't get close to the infected and maintain at least a 6-feet distance from the suspected. Wearing N-95 masks is highly recommended to filter the viruses.

Fortify your immune system

Children, pregnant women and people with cardiovascular and pulmonary problems are classified as high risk groups. Building antiviral resistance is critical to prevention. Eat healthy diet, drink plenty of water and get enough sleep to boost your immune system. Take vitamin supplements if necessary.

Sanitize your home

Clean your house regularly and wipe out the viruses with a strong disinfectant. Keep the pets away from the infected person. Properly dispose tissues and objects handled by the quarantined person and wash your hands after that.

Avoid frequent travel

Avoid visiting crowded places. When you reach home after work or a trip, make sure that you wash your hands properly. Gargle with warm salt water daily to relieve a sore throat. Saline nose drops are used to clear blocked nose.

Don't panic

Don't insist on getting tested for H1N1 without clear symptoms and prompt medical advice. You have more chance of acquiring the disease at hospitals and testing centers by interacting with the infected in close proximity.

Stay informed

The key to prevention is awareness. Keep yourself posted with the latest news and updates about H1N1 and learn about the disease.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Know your blood count

Whenever you undergo a blood test in a lab, you will be provided with a document of blood test results. The doctor will scrutinize the results to diagnose your disease. Blood contains three types of corpuscles.

  • The red blood corpuscles (RBC) help in respiration and circulation of oxygen. A decrease in the number of RBC results in anaemia and an increase is polycythemia

  • The white blood corpuscles (WBC) guard our body against the invasion of germs and pathogens. A decrease in the number of WBC results in leukopenia and an increase is leukemia

  • The blood platelets are responsible for bringing about the coagulation of blood

The Normal Blood Count

Blood count is measured as number of cells per cubic mm of blood. The approximate values of normal blood count are shown

Total Count (TC):

RBC - 5,000,000 to 5,500,000
WBC - 8,000 to 10,000
Platelets - 250,000 to 500,000

Differential WBC Count (DC):

Neutrophils - 60 to 70 %
Eosinophils - 0.5 to 3 %
Basophils - 0.1 %
Lymphocytes - 20 to 30%
Monocytes - 1 to 4 %

Note: These readings may vary slightly between medical entities across the world. Do not come to any imaginary conclusions regarding your disease before consulting with an experienced physician.

Outdoor wear eyeglasses for this summer

Prescription SunglassProtecting your eyes while you travel in the heat is extremely important for several reasons including beauty and health. Prescription sunglasses offer a solution to your travel woes. You can go for colored glasses that just look like any other sunglasses. People won't realise that you are wearing a prescription glass. GlassesShop.com offers a Wide Selection of Eyeglasses to enhance your vision and image this summer. The online eyeglasses store provides customers with a myriad of options to customize their eyeglasses and powerful features like

  • High quality stylish frame

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  • Anti -Reflective Coatings

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  • Quality case

  • Cleaning Cloth

The best quality eyeglasses are available at affordable prices starting from $8. You can select a glass that best suits your looks by trying different types of frames in the virtual try-on online utility. New arrivals just keep coming in and you will get the latest fashionable and stylish glasses here. Glasses are segregated in to categories like men, women and kids wear for easy navigation. The 90-Day Money Back Guarantee is testimony for their fidelity towards customers. GlassesShop is one place on the web that offers you complete satisfaction on your purchase. Don't hesitate to gift an eyeglass to your loved ones.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Heavenly Cayman Islands

Cayman Island Tourism
Cayman Island Picture
Cayman Island Travel
Cayman Islands in the Caribbean is located about 150 miles south of Cuba and to the northwest of Jamaica. They are a group of three small islands namely Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. The islands are home to pristine marine life, genuine natural scenery and unique travel adventures. A dip in the water on board the Atlantis submarine to capture the scenes of marine life underneath is highly recommended. You can watch the divers below interacting with you while feeding the fishes. Scuba diving is one of the major attractions here. With a giant stride entry into the water you can swim along with the fishes and spot some unique creatures on your way to the wreck. If you are lucky, you may visit the islands during the pirates week. The festival includes mock pirates enjoying lovely music, street dances, funny games and delicious food. A Cayman Islands safari is never complete without a trip to the Stingrays city. Feeling the stingrays on your skin is a different experience in itself.

Trendy women wear rendezvous

When it comes to dresses, women seek innovation and creativity. Women pay much importance to fashion than cooking. Husbands always have a hard time when they set out to shop with their wives. Women don't easily settle with a selection but scratch around for a long time before making up their mind. It won't be a bad idea to sit at home and browse through the latest dresses in the market and buy online. You can save on time and money. Stlyehive is the place to be if you are looking for fashionable women's dresses and luxury apparel. The shopping website has an anthology of stylish women wear carved out by skilled and experienced designers. You will also get to know about all the latest trends in the textile market here. All the leading names in the market update their products at stylehive and so you get the most up-to-date news and information about new arrivals. The best thing about stylehive is that you get access to reviews and user ratings about the dresses before you actually buy them. This will ensure that you buy only quality products and know about a product completely before making a decision. You can also share your own experiences regarding a particular dress you bought to let others know about it.

Crane Beach - Barbados

Crane Beach Photo
Crane Beach Shore
Crane Beach Barbados
Barbados is a beautiful island nation in the Caribbean Sea personifying the colors of nature. The country has one of the most spectacular beaches in the world - The Crane Beach. The magnificent spectacle of palm trees and coconut trees standing on pure white sand embody the flavor of the Caribbean region. The sand is so soft that it just kisses your feet and walking over it is just a moonwalk experience. The beach wears a serene look and the waters are ideal for swimming and surfing activities. Ascending the cliff is worth gold just to have a look at the breath taking view of the beach below. All type of people visit here and it hosts a perfect blend of glamor and fun. A local beach sandwich called cutter made from salt bread, flying fish, cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes is highly recommended for a brunch in the beach. You can stay at The Crane beach hotel cum resort and enjoy the splendid backdrops. Its hard to explain the wonderful feeling that emanates from your heart the moment you arrive here. With its stunning sights and a marvelous coastline Crane beach truly deserves its perfect getaway tag.

Surgery and Beauty

Beauty and plastic surgery are two words that are closely related when it comes to life in the modern world. Gone are the days when surgeries used to be an intimidating experience and nowadays it is nothing more than a myth. People today undergo surgeries just like a walk on the park and its a piece of cake for surgeons too. Atlanta Plastic Surgeon Dr. R. Morgan Davoudi is the finest surgeon in the region serving the community with love and affection. He is an affable guy who runs an organization with hand picked staff and excellent facilities providing cosmetic surgery services like liposuction, face lift, abdominoplasty, breast augmentation and a host of spa and skin care services such as Cosmetic and laser hair removal. A friend of mine already underwent a cosmetic surgery last month at the atlantic center and she shared her experience with me. She made an enthusiastic note about the hospital staff and their benign approach in treating patients. Just stumble upon MyAtlantaPlasticSurgeon.com and unravel the secret of beauty.

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)

Coronary Heart Disease is an impairment of heart functions due to inadequate blood flow to the heart. Coronary heart disease is a major cause of premature death in several countries across the world. The heart governs the circulatory system and nourishes the whole body. But the heart itself needs blood supply for proper functioning and this is delivered by a pair of coronary arteries. Over a period of time due to the deposition of fatty material and plaque, they get narrowed. This results in a condition called atherosclerosis characterized by inadequate blood supply to the heart muscle.


Dyspnoea or shortness of breath, angina or chest pain, heart attack, dizziness, swelling of legs and ankles, palpitations and irregular heart beat.

Risk factors

Coronary heart disease can occur at any age and it is worldwide in distribution. The principal risk factors are smoking, hypertension, genetic factors, raised serum cholesterol, diabetes, alcohol consumption, obesity, physical inactivity, hormone imbalance, persistent stress condition, etc.


ECG, Coronary angiography/arteriography, Echocardiogram, Nuclear scan, Electron-beam CT, chest x-ray, etc

Control and preventive measures

  • Heart-healthy dietary changes including reduction of fat, salt and cholesterol intake and increased consumption of fruits and vegetables

  • Quitting smoking and alcohol consumption

  • Control of high blood pressure and diabetes

  • Regular physical activity and exercises should be part of normal daily life

  • Avoid emotional stress as far as possible

Best Cosmetic Dentistry Care

Selecting a dentist is like fixing an appointment with fate. Wonder how? If you are whimsical about your dentist choice you could possibly ruin your face. One single error by the dentist can compromise with your beauty. It is always good to hand our teeth to an experienced and reputed dentist. Chattanooga Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Lunn is a gem in the dental world and he is serving the community with quality cosmetic dentistry procedures making use of the latest technologies. Some of us are not blessed with the most beautiful teeth. But cosmetic dentistry has a solution. You can improve the cosmetic appearance of a tooth with the help of dental crowns. A missing tooth in the mouth can spoil your smile and play havoc with your beauty. By performing a dental implant with a Chattanooga Dentist you can fill the gap with an artificial tooth that binds perfectly with the underlying bone and tissue. A new teeth whitening system called Zoom promises to gleam the discolored teeth of those who drink coffee, tea, colas, tobacco, etc and lightens the stain. For those of you who are dental phobic, Sedation dentistry is a safe and innovative approach to drive away your fears and perform a dental procedure. Visit your dentist today and learn more about these procedures.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Is Chennai highly polluted?

Every time I step out of my house and set out to work I can sense that the air is not clean. I can see lots of suspended particles and dust in the air. Even at home dust accumulates rapidly and I have to clean my computer and my room frequently. Air, water and noise Pollution is already high in the city and now I suspect whether the number of suspended particles has gone up skywards. The number of people diagnosed with respiratory disorders like allergy, asthma, bronchitis, etc is just growing like anything. Doctors are just making merry with patients suffering from respiratory disorders. For example, diseases like hay fever don't have cure and doctors just prescribe temporary remedies. This means that the patients visit often and they make a permanent income out of their patients. Many people are unfortunate that they develop these diseases as a punishment for opting to live in Chennai I guess? I wonder things will ever change. The pollution control board remains a silent spectator and the medical world is not going to find a permanent cure for allergy or hay fever.

Hotel Search made easy

Vacations are never pleasant without a comfortable place to stay. Finding a hotel to stay is a crucial aspect of planning your holiday trip. Now you don't have to wander on the web to know about the best hotels in your travel destination. Hotel search is just a click away with HotelsCombined.com. The exclusive hotel search portal connects us with the top hotels across the world. By reading independent hotel reviews by other travelers you will get to know about the practical situation at a hotel and make up your mind to choose a particular hotel to stay. You can buy travel packages and book hotels directly online from the leading travel websites across the world at www.HotelsCombined.com. They have built this portal keeping in mind the needs and constraints of travelers and the service is absolutely free for everyone. You can browse the top destinations in the world and check the hotel facilities from your home. You can compare hotels from the same city based on various parameters.

This comprehensive hotel finding network needs promotion and Spread The Word For Charity to send cash donations for various causes. Your donation can be valuable for that charity association and also give you a sense of fulfillment.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Measles - Rubeola

Measles is an air-borne infectious disease of childhood throughout the world. Measles is caused by an RNA virus of the paramyxovirus group. The incubation period of the virus is commonly ten days from exposure to the onset of fever and fourteen days to the appearance of rash. During the first stage of the disease fever, coughing, sneezing, running nose and redness of eyes are common. Acute cases are associated with diarrhoea, pneumonia and bronchitis. Eruption of small red spots (rubeola) and inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose are the symptoms during the second stage. Skin rashes and itching are also common. The mode of transmission of the disease is usually through air in the form of droplet infection targeting the respiratory tract. The virus can also invade through conjunctiva of the eye. When a child contracts the disease isolation for at least seven days after the onset of rashes is necessary. The measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine is administered to infants between 12-15 months of age and again during the pre-school period of 3-5 years of age.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Apidexin - The latest diet pill

People choose diet pills to loose weight because they know that it is the easiest way to shed fat. Many of them even after years of exercising and following a strict regimen never tend to get slim. But diet pills are a proven way to loose weight. The latest diet pill in the market is apidexin which is delivering proven results. It contains eight powerful components that can work on your body and banish the lipids away from your body. Apidexin is a high end diet pill product and all the ingredients are top notch and highly effective. The secret behind the success of this diet pill is the highly acclaimed ingredient called as 'power herb' ForsLean. Consuming diet pills has other health benefits like lowering of blood cholesterol and regulation of blood pressure. People who work day and night can't spend time on the gym. Diet pills remain the only plausible option to loose weight.

Gift a camera to your friend

Gadgets are the best when it comes to buying gifts for your tech-savvy friends. Now that gadgets come in the form of techellery, they not only perform technological work but also add beauty to their showcase at home. Today a new product in the electronic market sells not only for its features but also for its looks. The same is true when it comes to cameras. I found some of the most stylish at stylehive and came across some really cool designs. The Superheadz golden half camera can easily deceive others and they won't even know that you are holding a camera in your hand. It has powerful technical features and priced at a handsome $64. Cameras with straps are a perfect equipment for travelers and explorers. The camera can be buckled up which prevents it from getting damaged easily while you were shooting outside. Cameras bought from stylehive are value for money and are unique in design. You can make a fashion statement with your cameras and capture the best moments in life as well. By gifting a camera to your beloved friend you ensure that your gift is not wasted and that you have really presented a useful gift to your friend. Follow your heart when it comes to buying cameras.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Personalized Home Decoration Solutions

Are you fed up with naive decorating products for your home? Do you want to infuse new life to your unexciting home design? Just think about the idea of having your own photos embedded in your bedding, pillows, blankets, wall murals, etc. Enjoy the fun quotient in unique home decor services offered by visionbedding.com. Home products customized with your own design and images of your family members can give a great look to your home. You can create a custom photo throw with the tools offered by Vision Bedding and personalize it with custom messages and graphics. You will get a lot of freedom to incorporate your own design ideas into their products and they will be delivered to you with flawless perfection. The next time a guest walks into your house, his eyeballs will pop out of their sockets looking at your unique home design. Visit visionbedding.com and select from over a million designs and images to personalize your home decoration and transform your house into a personalized palace. You will be proud of your home after the makeover.

Mineral salts in our body

Mineral salts are present in minor quantities in our body but they are essential for regulating different metabolic activities and proper functioning of the body. Some of the important mineral salts are listed below


Calcium is needed for the formation of bones and teeth, clotting of blood, contraction of muscles and healthy nerves. Milk, cheese, butter, green leafy vegetables, orange and eggs are rich sources of calcium. Calcium deficiency results in bone disorders, dental disintegration and rickets in children.


Phosphorous works with calcium for healthy bones and teeth. It also helps in the activation of enzymes and digestion of fats and carbohydrates. Milk, egg yolk, fish, meat and vegetables supply phosphorous to our body. Lack of sufficient phosphorous can hinder growth and affect bones.


Magnesium helps maintain the ionic balance of our body and influences the nervous system. Nuts, soya and seafoods are natural sources of magnesium. Deficiency of magnesium can lead to nervousness, anxiety and abnormal heart beat.


Potassium governs the acid-base balance in the cell and it is essential for glycogen synthesis. Chicken, banana and potatoes are abundant sources of potassium. Potassium deficit can lead to nervous breakdown and poor muscular control.


Sodium is vital for the regulation of osmotic pressure. Common salt (NaCl), carrot, cauliflower, eggs, legumes and radish are packed with sodium. Shortage of sodium results in nervous disorders.


Iron is important for the formation of haemoglobin and chromatins. Liver, fish, spinach, seafoods and eggs are good sources of iron. Anaemia is caused due to iron deficiency.


Iodine is necessary for proper working of thyroid gland and thyroxine secretion. Iodized salts are popular for obvious reasons. Sea foods and milk are chief sources of iodine. Iodine deficiency results in simple goitre.


Sulphur aids in the formation of body proteins. Sulphur has anti-aging properties and acts as a detoxifier. Sulphur is present in meat, garlic, cabbage, fish and onions. Sulphur deficiency can cause skin and nervous problems.


Chlorine is a vital component of cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF) and maintains the water balance in our body. Common salt is a good source of chlorine ions.

K Alliance joins Elite CompTIA Network

K Alliance is now a part of CompTIA's learning network providing certification courses for professionals in the IT industry. K Alliance now has exclusive access to most up-to-date information on CompTIA's certification courses so that students who join the learning Alliance enjoy privileged training resources and study materials. K Alliance excels in computer based training (CBT) and online computer videos training providing e-learning solutions to the IT sector over the years. CompTIA is the ace association that develops IT certification exams and technological programs driving the global IT industry. Several big names in the IT industry work closely with CompTIA to develop vendor independent certification exams to identify the finest brains in the industry and certify them. CompTIA certified individuals advance in their IT career and enjoy a highly successful professional life. K Alliance eases the difficult path to attain certification with the help of student friendly training by skillful and experienced instructors. K Alliance can help you transform your IT career and earn the respect of your associates. When it comes to online learning for IT certification, K Alliance is the best. Learning is a continuous process and K Alliance will accompany you in your endless quest for knowledge.

Read this article at Reuters about k alliance

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Go green with white reflective roofs

Have you ever been asked not to wear dark t-shirts while going out during summer in the hot sun? This is based on the fact that dark colors absorb heat and light colors reflect heat. If your house is sweltering under the roof during summer, then it is a good idea to paint your roof white. Different colors absorb heat differently. White and other light colors reflect most of the energy from the sun and absorb little amount of heat. This makes them ideal colors for roofs on our homes. White reflective coatings on your roof can reduce the temperature inside your house significantly. This directly reduces your air-conditioning costs and electricity bills paving the way for a greener environment. White roofs can bring down your annual energy consumption by atmost 20% which will not only save you money but also considerably reduce the carbon dioxide gas emission that contributes to global warming. Energy-efficient roofing made from metals that are painted with gleaming white color keeps the inside of your house cooler and cut your energy costs. Contact a professional roofer to shield your house from sun.

Stylish Eyewear for kids

cheap eyeglasses
Children are always careless about their eyeglasses and they either break them often or miss them. Buying expensive eyeglasses is not a prudent option when it comes to buying for kids. Your best bet would be to buy $ 8 Rx eyeglasses from Zenni Optical. They are robust, cheap and fashionable making them perfect for children. I watched Zenni Optical on TV!!! and CNN quoted Zenni as a smart buying option. From colorful frames to customized lenses zenni optical is a one stop place to shop for eyegear. I'm giving a High Five to Zenni Optical and have already ordered a handful of glasses for my family from Zenni.

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