Sunday, January 3, 2010

Veldona Lozenge for Flu and Cold

People in search of a panacea for their obstinate cold and flu can now spot a silver lining in the clouds in the form of veldona lozenges. The sweet lozenges are being hyped up as an inexpensive over the counter remedy for common cold and flu which costs just 20p a day. Veldona lozenges are of very low dosage and don't produce any noteworthy side-effects. The core of veldona lozenges is the protective protein component interferon alpha. When the veldona lozenge dissolves in mouth it releases the protein interferon alpha which prepares the body against infections by acting as a trigger for the immune system to switch to the protective mode and destroy the pathogen. If things go according to plan veldona lozenges will be available at a pharmacy near you within the next two years.


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